Don't lift a 302 short block alone!!

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  1. I bought a 302 H.O short block for my II. I managed to put it in the back seat of my little Mazda 323, and I managed to get it on the engine stand (alone). My boss bought my H.O core, so we just lifted into his truck. "How much does that thing weight?" He asks (out of breath). I looked it up 311lbs!!! I thought, I was some kind of wimp, guess not!!! :D Stupid maybe:shrug:
  2. me and my buddy lifted a 351w longblock, carried it about 15 feet. hurt for 2 weeks:(
  3. I lifted mine no problem, but then again Im 22. Some of you guys might just be getting over the Hill :D
  4. I stock 5.0 block doesn't weight 311 lbs :). Maybe about half that weight. A beefy Dart 302 block is only 160, and the new mega beefed Ford Racing 302 Boss block is 210. A production 5.0 block is probably about 130 lbs or so.
  5. Duhhhhh, I missed the short part. :).
  6. A friend of mine built his engine in the spare bedroom of his apartment, it took a small army to get a BBC down from the third story apartment. His neighbors were not impressed.
  7. I turned a fully assembled 351 over on an engine stand once, and I didn't have my cherry picker quickly available to lift if back up. If you wanna try something out sometime that's guaranteed to screw your back fill a C-4 full of tranny fluid including torque converter and set it in the back of pickup sometime. The things we do when we're young, stupid, and invincible.
  8. young or not get a back brace or weight belt when lifting.twenty years from now you will be thinking why can't i get out of bed without hearing all this popping and cracking in the morning oh yea those short blocks i was lifting twenty years me not fun putting your socks on at 4.00 in the morning or wiping your arss lol just kidding about the arss part or am i see ya. take care of your back it the only one you will have
  9. hahahaha!!!! :lol:

    that is AWESOME

    My buddy and I did the C4 thing, but then again, it was two of us so probably not so bad...

  10. They were probably thinking how, had it fallen on the floor, it wouldn't have stopped falling till it hit the basement.

    I never liked those things, their like a rubber, false sense of security. Far better to tighten the gut muscles , pay attention to what's going on with the body. Only thing I have found those warehouse belts good for is keeping my kidneys warm.

    My back is really no worse now than when I was a kid. OTOH my ankles, knees and neck ..... Yeah, I hobble, do the Ape walk, till things get warmed up.

    Getting old is not for the weak.
  11. As for the lifting belt... the purpose of the belt is for you to brace the belly and back agaist it.-> More stability.
    You tighten the abs as much as possibly and then some...
    (I do a little powelifting in my spare time)

    And now for the weight part...
    Does anyone know how much a V8 engine from a 1975 Mustang II weigh? There are charts all over with different engine weights but no one matches the other.
    Shortblock, longblock, bare block... everything is of interest.
  12. 600lbs, I guess there is room for some seious lightening here...
  13. Aluminum heads shave about 75LBS!!:nice:

  14. Agreed. I hate mornings. Heh.
  15. Alum. water pump and pullies saves weight, too.
  16. hmmm, maybe i should of read this thread first lol...I only recorded just incse i died or something so the docs could sort out what happened. rofl but once i did it and didn't die i figured i would add some music to it. The only bad thing was i forgot to empty the oil and yeah the rest is what it is.
  17. Well, at least your remembered to put on the tightest T-shirt you had hanging in your closet. That's always a big help when dead lifting engine blocks.....and picking up other dudes on the net. :D
  18. lol, your so cute we should hang out.....its hot as :poo: in my garage and it wasn't completely gay until just now.