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  1. Agreed. The '04 Mustang looks great! Combines tradition with modern and retains it's heritage.
  2. Ok Ricks although I agree with most of your posts most of the time but I really took offense to the the comment about the 18-24 year old age group. Number one i happen to fall in that age group. I know more about mustangs from 64 1/2 and up than most and run my own mustang clubs. The membership varies from 17-64 and really is a good mix. I can out drive most of them and the group that i founded includes over 80 mustangs. I am 23, what makes me and those groups any less of an enthusiast than you. Sorry bud get off your high horse and smell the roses. There are plenty of us out there who know plenty and make the track a very common evenet.

  3. Don't get me wrong Roger, I'm not saying that you're any "less" of a Mustanger because of your age. Your kinda reading my argument from a perspective that I did not intend. There's simply been a ton of "know-it-all" guys in your age group coming on here and spouting a bunch of B.S. about how the new Mustang is a loser design, on the totally false premise that the 18-24 year old group is some sort of huge portion of Ford's target demographic and that the success or failure of the new '05 GT teeters on their whims. That's laughable. I've stated clearly on other threads that the Mustang has historically appealled to ALL ages, young to old, but that when it comes to actually selling NEW Mustangs off the lot (the single most important event necessary to get all these Mustangs out into the free market, and the single most important event if Ford wants to pay its light bills), the 18-24 age group is a small piece of the demographic pie, and if every last person your age decided to snub the Mustang and bought a Nissan instead, that would affect overall new-car sales about as much as a whale would miss a tic tac. It's been stated in NUMEROUS threads by 351CJ, who always seems to have credible data, that the sweet spot of new Mustang GT sales in way up in the high-30's early 40's zone, and if this website and what I hear at car shows is any indication, all those guys are poised to chew their way through the Ford dealer's showroom glass with their teeth to get at these new '05's. I was just taking a strong swing at the younger folks on here who were assuming that the success of the new Mustang was ONLY about them. Besides, they all sounded like ricers anyways :rolleyes: Obviously, you're not in that group. I had just turned 21 when I special ordered my loaded 5-speed '88 GT convertible in 1987. I paid cash that I had saved by working full-time through college and living like a hari krishna. I was the 1st in my area to immediately add headers, off-road exhaust, ram-air, and I was at the track almost every weekend. But I was a friggin minority. Sure, I had another buddy who bought one in '90, but everybody else my age was buying used, and it was mostly people older than us at the track, especially the ones with the brand new iron. Did you buy your Mustang brand-new, off the lot? If so, you are a rare breed at your age to have the means and inclination to do that. If you bought it used, it just reinforces my point that you took such offense to. Don't be offended or sensitive about it, I'm just stating facts. I know I was generalizing about people your age, but just try to read between the lines regarding who my post was aimed at. In any event, sorry.
  4. Thanks for the explanation I knew there was some method to your madness. Although again I don't fit that bill simply because I started working at 13. Paid cash for my first car and bought three more mustangs brand new including the mach. I am a full time engineering student and work full time. I bought the mach for 23500 out the door. Its all about knowing your means and working the deals.

  5. My buddies bought their Machs literally a month or two prior to the heavy rebates. I tried to tell them to be more patient!!!
  6. Im 19, im not some troll, and I don't like the styling at all either. The car is more refined, but i find it funny how these hardcore Ford guys are getting so hyped up over the "modern" interiors on these cars when most foreign companies are still lightyears ahead. First off, I like driving fast cars, why do I have a Mustang GT? Because i'm in college and it's the best I can do, i'd like to move up to a Vette, then a Viper, then a Lambo and so on.... I don't have ties to any company, the day Ford starts paying my bills then I will drive Mustangs exclusively... till then I'll drive the best I can get my hands on and I don't care who makes it.

    On to the styling:
    Nothing wrong with keeping some retro cues, but this thing looks totally out of proportion. Look at the C6 Vette, it's obviously still a Vette but the front end now has this really exotic look to it, that's progress! Look at that new Shelby concept pic that is around here, now that is nice! It has the overall old fastback shape but with all the modern curves.
    The 05 Mustang is SO bland looking, it doesn't look near as cool as the old Fastbacks it takes its cues from (one because it's obviously dated, and two b/c the proportions are really off). I remember when one of my friends (girl) saw the car she was like "it looks like a freakin box".... and it's true. Of course people on a MUSTANG FORUM are going to love it and stick up for it, but the majority of people outside these forums are not drag-racers etc.
    The current car looks very agressive from the front, but has that "sex appeal" from the sides with all the curves and scoops.
    Will it sell? Of course, the Mustang name is very strong and a few "ugly eras" aren't going to hurt it (Hell, if it survived the fox body stage, it can survive anything). But c'mon, get with the times... never lose the heritage, but don't try to live in the past. The old 60's mustangs are classics, there is no need to "pay homeage" to them by trying to bring them back... if I want a classic, I'll get a classic not some new car and if I want a new car I want MODERN.
    Go to a non-car enthusiast that wont be biased to either one, show them a pic of the C6 Vette and the 05 Mustang (yes the Vette is more expensive, but we're only talking about styling here) and ask which one looks better....
  7. The 2005 Mustang GT is the first Mustang that I have lusted over since the 1970 Boss 302.

    In spite of you naysayers, Ford will sell every '05 Stang that they can build. The only problem I see it that Ford is not planning to build enough GTs.
  8. Been there. Done that. My friend can't afford either mustang or Vette. He thinks the new C6 front end looks like a wannabe 360 modena. And for the money would rather own and mod the 05. He also said the Corvette still looks like a midlife crisis car. Another friend (Female and only looks at cars as transportation.) Thinks the C6 still has a big backside. Of course neither car really suits her (She's more into trucks if anything.). Co-worker (Another one that can't afford either car. Just bought the wife a van.) Also thinks the Vette has an overly large posterior (Hasn't liked them since the late 60's). He likes the new stang for the old 60's stangs that it resembles. Should I go on? I have shown the 05 to nearly everyone I know. Many of them actually most of them. don't have mustangs. They all feel the new mustang is a beautiful car. I realize to some of you the opinions of my friends are not fair. Since they like I are actually in the demographic that generally buy the mustang gt.
  9. I can't tell you how many non-car people, friends, sales reps at work, family, who know that I'm into Mustangs, have asked me "Have you seen that new Mustang they're coming out with? It's incredible!!! Reminds me of the originals!". These are people who wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a Corvette and Hardcastle & McCormick's Coyote. The classic Mustang is instantly recognizable by EVERYBODY, even if they could care less about cars and live out of a mini-van. This new model is going to touch a nerve, touch that same spirit that the Mustang last touched in 1965, and it's going to be a huge success. Trust me, when you're 19 your opinions and tastes will change about as many times as you will change girlfriends. Been there. As far as proportion goes, dude.... your credibility went STRAIGHT out a 50th floor window when you held up the awkwardly out-of-proportion, weird wheelbase relation to body, goofy-badonka-donk-butt C6 Vette. The one criticism that every person I know throws at the Vette is that it looks great at some angles, and like total dog-poop at others. Bad proportion is the culprit. If you can't see that, then spare us the '05 Mustang critique please. The Mustang is not supposed to swoop and sweep like a Corvette or the new Shelby Cobra concepts. It never has. It follows more in the muscle/ponycar genre. If it looked like a Vette, then we'd all need to go bald, grow a comb-over, buy some tight sasoon jeans, a Harley Davidson T-shirt, black socks, penny-loafers and oversized Top Gun sunglasses to look at home in one.
    . Curves? the 99-04 is pretty damn slab-sided as well, and the scoops are tack-ons that look tacked on. It's a good looking car, but I don't see how it's any "sexier" than what's coming, unless you're just stuck like cement on the old bodystyle.
  10. I'll stick my neck out. I agree with you Razer. The new Mustang is an abomination.
  11. Can you back that up or is that your only reasoning behind that comment?
  12. I think the 05' is badass.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by "backing it up". I just think it is a very ugly car with an uglier interior and a 20+ year old rear suspension. There is nothing forward thinking or innovative about it. If everybody is so in love with living in the past, Ford should just re-tool for the 68 body and put the 5.0 in it. It would be a lot cheaper for everyone involved to keep making the same outdated car for all of eternity.

    A lot of people seem to like it and that's good. I just can't see myself in one. It is sad to me that the most enduring American "sports car" is being out-run and out-handled by crummy little japanese crapmobiles.
  14. I don't like the new look either... sucks but most of the people here are either contemplating on buying it or have allready made up their mind and are DEAD SERIOUS ON HOW AWESOME IT LOOKS!!! HOW CAN YOU THINK OTHERWISE THE NEW MUSTANG IS THE BEST CAR EVAR!!!! THERES NO LOGIC OR OPINON THAT YOU CAN PRESENT OTHERWISE THAT I RESPECT OR RECOGNIZE!!! MUSTANG 2005 ALL THE WAY BABY YEAH...

    OMFGROFLBBQ :bang: :rolleyes:
  15. :scratch:
  16. Just because it doesn have an IRS on the rear doesnt mean the complete suspension system is old. I don't want IRS on my Mustang. Its makes the car MUCH more fun. I just dont see the point in having a RWD Mustang with IRS. It negates so much.

    And you drive a SN95 so you cant say anything about ugly interiors. If you think the 05's is so bad, you should just sell your car because yours is worse. I hate my 95's interior.

    ANd what "japanese crapmobile" is outrunning the 05 Mustang thats in its price range?
  17. So what you're saying is... Your ten year old interior that has lived through 2 body styles is not outdated? And as far as forward thinking is concerned.
    That the rear suspension having gone from a 4 bind. To a 3 link with panhard bar. Is still the same as the 4 link suspension? Maybe you should look into suspensions. Not just think live axle bad.
    I believe they did put a 5.0 (Of sorts) in the 68. But we are in the current world of 4.6 motors. So maybe they should stick with those. As that would actually be less expensive than rebuilding all the tooling for going back to a 5.0 motor. As I am sure since 10 years has passed. And it is a new assemble line. They would need to retool for a smaller dimensioned engine.
    As far as getting outrun by japanese cars. Umm what test drive have you seen it compared on a track against any other car? Don't state as facts, things that have no factual evidence.
    And last but not least. Can you say muscle car? The mustang has never been a sports car (Kinda like my fat ugly co-worker. Never had it, never will.). The Corvette is a sportscar. And is actually been called the only american sportscar. For quite a while.
    While you are definately entitled to your opinion. And I am more than happy that you don't want to own one. And you can look at my posts. When someone says they don't want one. I am happy for them. Kinda that more for me to choose from attitude. But when you say things that are inaccurate. People are going to try to correct misinformation.
  18. i dont know what kind of car guy you are but come on. A real car guy doesnt mind about sissy comforts. Soon i guess youll be complaining about the engine being too loud. I would rather shed the extra pounds and loose the ac. I would rather hear the exhaust than the radio. to complain about such futile things kinda sounds wimpy. Not to call names but seriously where are your priorities. Look at the preformance choices for the dollar I think youll be choosing a stang. Also just turn off your lights how hard is that. and how hard is it to turn the key a couple mm to keep the pwr on?
  19. Exactly dude. If you want those things, buy a Lincoln.