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  1. As an old mustang guy, it would NOT hurt my feelings if they re-tooled an older design. It is impossible to come up with a car design that everyone is going to want buy so you take your best shot. I am pretty much stuck on the 1970 design (see pic) but if the Ford brings out one of the models in the attached link then I would have to change my mind.

  2. Here are two interior shots of my Zed4 interior (they are from a website) whereas mine is a stick. Other than that they are identical & of course bears close resemblance to the new Mustang interior.

    As is noticeable the difference in the Zed4's instrument cluster from the E46 is that they are recessed in and are segregated. BMW did a research and determined that the focus of attention of the driver's gaze at high speeds where concentration is of utmost importance is immediately brought to the relevant information displayed by the relevant gauge; tach/speedometer/temp. On the other hand when all gauges are displayed in one cross section the eyes tend to take a given amount of time (which is critical in spirited driving) to gaze across to the relevant gauge.

    The recession in the separate gauges makes it possible to view the information regardless of the light intensity such as direct sunlight on the instrument cluster.

    Dash light: Red is at the very end of the colour spectrum and therefore the maximum wavelength. BMW has also determined that during night driving Red creates the most soothing effect on the eyes, in other words the least tiring.
    Ford's multi light cluster gives the user the choice of light, Red for better driving or other colour for aesthetics.

    The straight flow of the dash in lieu of a cockpit like design gives an open feeling & a driver connection from one end to the other.

    In my E36 the cockpit angle is very sharp; slightly finer in my E46 and my Zed has the straight T like design. Of course it's in the Zed where I feel the least claustrophobic and feel connected to the entire front end especially the passenger front wheel.

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  3. Im only 16 , high tech scares me i want things to stay like they are. if it aint broke dont fix it.
  4. Shoulda done your research I guess...... the 350 has one of the highest relsale values. I dont know why you cant like another car. It's as if Mustang is the only car your wallet will open up to. I personally love the new (and even classic) Mustangs, I was about to buy a 70 Mach 1 just the other day... omg it was a manual, and looked sweet as f**k. Still thinking about it....... but anyway, I just wanted to point the resale thing out. I know this is a Mustang forum so ***some*** of you guys are blind when it comes to other cars.
  5. Uhh yeah cause there are a lot of 1978 350 Z's. Maybe you should look up how many years the 350Z has been around. Since I was speaking from a historic point of view. The only Z cars we have to go on with any REAL history to them are the 240,260,280 and 300 Z. And those are the ones that will help show the long term resale value of the 350 Z. I am NOT blind to other cars. I was ready to purchase a 350 Z just on it specs and looks alone. Then I test drove one. And for me (As in my needs and wants) it was not even close. It had huge blindspots and I want to hear the engine running by sound. Not having to look at the tach when I have the radio going. I tried to take a wrx out for a test drive. But the dealer would not allow me to. And I had been considering that as a car to purchase as well. And while I respect the performance of the EVO. I don't like the look of the front end. So I never considered it a car to purchase.
  6. Srry for the confusion... I thought we were talking about the the 03's and up stang's and 350's.
  7. We were to some extent. But then the comment was made about how much either car would be worth in 40 years. So that's why I went back to the older versions of the Z car.
  8. To argue something so subjective as looks is kind of silly. Yes, Ford did go retro on a couple of cars lately but people are eating it up so why would Ford as a company say no. It is really hard for Ford to make the Mustang and keep it a Mustang. Sure they can pop out some bubble car(350Z) but it will not carry the heritage which is only rivaled by the vett. The Mustang is the flagship of Ford. People dont think of a taurus when they think of Ford so they better make sure people see it as a Mustang. Sure enough they did. Another trait of the Mustang is its a pony car. The price is very reasonable for what you get and you can upgrade just about everything else on the car. I think Ford did a good job by keeping it a true Mustang. As for looks we have all seen that it has a lot of potential with the GTR. I will still have to see one in person because I am still undecided but coming from a 25 year old, and having owned a 70 Mach 1 since I was 18. The older cars looked better.
  9. Same with my 140k mile 96 and 40k 99. In fact the 96 had its orgional battery die just a few months ago.
  10. Whoever said the "curvy look" is out... you gotta be kidding?

    Corvette, any Porsche, 350z, Mazda RX8, Dodge Viper, Ferrari Modena

    need I go on??? Forget about muscle cars, exotic cars, imports... whatever, they all fall under the sports car category in the big picture. What is so attractive about sports cars? The power and the innovative, eye catching looks (that would be curves, vents, scoops whatever) ... the 05 lacks all of that, that look may have been all that in the late 60's, but this is 2004. The nostalgia factor is obviously there, but you have to look at the big picture too. I read in a Mustang magazine recently that close to 50% of Mustang buyers are women, if that is true or not I don't know but I do know that almost everyone I see driving a v6 Mustang is usually a teen girl. These girls weren't around in the 60's, we're talking high school/college girls that are into cool sports cars and have no clue what a BOSS Mustang is or how to do a burnout any of that... they make up a huge percentage of Mustang buyers, way bigger than drag racers. While I see Mustangs around every corner on every street, it's not often that I see an obviously modded Mustang, AKA. a Mustang belonging to a hardcore enthusiast.... while here it's the majority, in real life it's the minority. So how are all the OTHER people who apparantly make up the biggest percentage of buyers (thanks to the v6 mostly) going to react to the dated styling?
  11. That is your opinion about the styling. I happen to like the more boxy look. In YOUR opinion it is dated styling. However if you look at the slightly larger picture. Retro is not dated (Pt cruiser, beetle, t-bird, prowler). And even boxy non curvy designs are in (300C, Caddy CTS, Magnum, scion xb). Yes those are not "sports cars". But they are examples of current designs.
  12. In general, there's a lot of popularity with cars that have "presence." Not just big SUV's, but cars that are powerfully styled, not super sleek bullets (while that is still a great design). For example, the new 300 and Magnum. Take a look at the front end on those cars, they're FAR from a streamlined Vette or Porsche. The car starts off with a pretty much flat front end, with everything getting in your face all at one. They let you know they're there.

    Coefficient of drag be damned, I'll take a car like the 05 Mustang and make up for aerodynamics with an extra serving of HP. :nice: