Don't Look If Your A Ford Fan Only!

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  1. In the same salvage yard. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. We no longer have yards like that here in Cali. ,most were closed down. In the 80s you could still find all kinds of goodies .Nothing but foreign cars left now:nonono:
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  4. That's cause all my friends in the rust belt came and raided the yards.
  5. mmm want...
  6. I grew up in a junkyard like that.
    My Grandfather started it back in 1939 and my Dad took it over in '61 (same year I was born).

    My brother and I had the best playground two boys could ever have. He still owns a junkyard today (they're called auto salvage dealers now :rolleyes: )
    I'm in aftermarket body parts / body shop / radiator shop now.

    Miss the old junkyard. :(
    ...good times.
  7. I grew up in Santa Rosa Calif in the 60s. Right behind the house was the railroad tracks ,every day we watched the car carriers on the trains go by and never thought about all those old 60s cars going by . On the other side of the tracks was an old wrecking yard ,an old black gentleman owned it .We played in it every chance we got . Our favorite was a 55 Chevy wagon that became our fort ,anyone have a time machine for sale?