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  1. Ok my buddy just took delivery of his Shelby GT500. 1st thing I see is this black terd on the trunk... looks like crap!!!! Yep its the antenna but guess what. Not only is it ugly to look at, but there are TWO HOLES DRILLED INTO THE TRUNK TO MOUNT IT!!!!!!! What a mess!!!! Ford really F-d up this one. For $295 you get 3 months of Sirius and two holes in the trunk FOREVER!!! I took picks of it inside and out, if anyone is interested. I have no where to host right now..... I was supposed to get one... I wanted every option.. if I got it with that....ugh. DONT ORDER THAT... if you want sirius add it after market with a stick on antenna. There, I feel better. I hope everyone sees this in time.
    *** see pics below***
  2. While I can certainly appreciate that advice. I'm not sure the stick on antennae is a better idea. I have XM on my audi. When my mother decided to take it to a car wash. I now have deep scratches from the antennae moving. So only handwash if you buy any satelite radio.
  3. I rented one of the Shelby GT-H from Hertz while in Ca this summer. The Sirius antenna was a stick kind and in the car on the dash. The signal was interupted now and then, but I would rather have that!!!!
  4. That does look like crap -- a hack job at best.
  5. Did you say Ford did it? Or was it the dealer.

    Im with you, that looks like crap. I told me dealer if they drilled holes in my front bumper for the advertizing that they would be buying a new one.
  6. I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill (no pun intended) on the Sirius antenna.

    However, I'm right there with 34Ford. Every dealer I've ever bought a car from has been duly warned... You so much as make noise with a drill to mount a plate on the front of my car, you can keep it.

    Our local dealer used to be an SVT dealer, and they would automatically drill and mount their ugly self-promoting plates to every SVT vehicle that hit the floor. I tried to tell them, politely, on numerous occassions, that serious car guys (the kind of folks who buy SVT vehicles) will turn away in disgust. Of course, they ignored me completely. It never fails to frustrate how absolutely NOT-CAR-PEOPLE car dealerships are.
  7. i would refuse it right there if i saw that crap... im just glad that when i got my gt from carmax it just had a vinyl sticker.
  8. And the possiblity of a new trunk lid is completely ruled out?

    It doesnt look the best, but its not the end of the world. I wouldnt be happy, but I could live.
  9. I have the Sirius on my '07

    I ordered the Sirius on my '07 Steeda Q335 and, while it looks like a pastic afterthought on the decklid, it works great. I don't see anyone complaining about the 3 foot long wire sticking out of the plastic base on the front fender. The hole isn't drilled in, it comes in the decklid if the car is spec'd out with the sat radio.

    I think that it is new and people aren't used to it yet.

    Just my $0.02...
  10. I got my 2007 GT(sorry not a Shelby) with the satalite readio antena. It is very well hidden under the spoiler in the back. It looks ok, as a matter of fact when I went to pick up the car I thought it had been left off. The Sirius radio was an excellent addition to the car. I really like it, just make sure you turn on the speed sensitive volumn control.