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  1. Yes, everyone download Getaway in Stockholm II. 450 hp Turbo Escort Cosworth, playing games with a Supra, granted the Supra is a lil fast up top, u should see tha damn escort get up and go!
  2. I Think I had better graduate before getting the gold.
  3. Granted I love them: better handling, gorgeous inside and out, and dont even look at the exceptional build quality. But the dam things are a dime a dozen around here. The straight six screams and is oh so refined, but Ive :owned: two coupes and one convert in the month ive had my cobra(i havent even opened it up yet)

    Dude, I dont know who you think you are, but you have crossed the line with the "wannabe ricer" remark. Bring it on ******.
  4. :lol: :rlaugh: Damn you sound awfull stupid, go troll somewhere else
  5. So how do you feel when a lowly GT with V6 emblems passes you ??

  6. why would you want a watch to be timeless...even a 2,300 knock off? :D :D I was snooping around other forums and came across this so i felt the need to comment for fun.

    sorry i know i am a lowly sixer with a stalker front bumper....but there is a good reaon, i promise (i messed up my front bumper and it cost exactly as much to buy the stalker as it did the stock bumper) i NEVER tell anybody i have anything more under the hood then what i really do. and for those of you who wonder about my S/N i was actually in the process of getting a 5.0 but the deal fell through and some stuff came i didnt have the money.

    you may carry on now :banana:
  7. Alf, how do you like the 04 cobra? I have been tossing around the idea of getting one, but can't decide if I should pick one up now or wait for the 07's
  8. And when the 07’s come out you’ll wait for the 09’s! Why not have fun now? :shrug:
  9. That is the very reason I want an 03 or 04...but then again I did just spend a ton putting in a brand new cobra motor + all the bolt-ons in my GT...So it should last me a while. After talking with a few people I figure it might be best to wait and see how awesome they are going to make the new ones :) Anyone else think it might be a 5.0 with 4 valves + the eaton twin screw?
  10. I don’t think they will let it come anywhere close to the GT40 in power. They will probably give it no more than 500hp to keep the GT exclusive. There is the possibility of the Shelby Cobra coming out also so I don’t see anything more than 500hp happening with the exception of an “R”. :shrug:
  11. By the time the new Cobra comes out the FORDGT will be history. The Shelby GR-1 will replace it with a "rumored" 605 hp v10. the 07 cobra will not have a5.0, most likely a 6.2 natural with about 525hp. Then again, that is just what i hear. Go for the 04 cobra now. there is nothing like them. and when the 08s start having deals, well you ccan bet ill be in line for one of them.
  12. Its cool to show off a guy, but to do a burnout in your school parking lot in front of everybody JUST to show off some *** in a fobra sounds kinda ricey to me. Sounds like you were ****ing with him, not the other way round. If i saw some kid doing a bigass burnout at my campus trying to show off in front of an assload of people, i would scream out *** and then walk off.
  13. I don't know, I knew a guy who used to think his ranger was the ****, 5 speed, and he tried a burnout in the parking lot of hooters. All my firends were like ok, and i was like craig u suck this is how you do it, got in the GT I had, reved dumped and spuna 360, and everyon loved it. My best frined has an 00 GT auto, and he said, "Man, that's the first time I have ever seen someone do a real burnout" It was funny, but to help you out, just get over that wannabe, the less time u show him, the more respect you will get, just ignore him, and if he brags to other people let him brag, one day someone will but his ass (whether it is u or not), and people will see it and know wassup.
  14. oh noo some kid had a 95 faleen by my house
    it was a six banger with all the saleen graphics, gauges, stock v6 rims, and a cobra spoiler
    He bought it for 12 grand
    Oh HAHA HA HAHAHA lol lol
    now hew got a audi a4 hees not ever alowed to by a mustang again
  15. oh really? well since i am a proud owner as of monday of a brand new 2004 cobra, and i have had my 03 M3 for about a year now, i suggest you shut the **** up since you sound like a total idiot. i can afford both of them, so you wanna call me a wannabe ricer, even though i have a nicer M3 than you? and btw, my cobra will spank the **** out of my M3 in straight line speed, and its pretty close in handling, and it would damn sure rape your E36. your so full of **** your eyes are brown.
  16. My eyes are brown :)
  17. When I bought my GT it all the badges, hood, and wheels of a cobra. The only thing it needed was the engine and bumpers. I took that crap off before I left their place, and they asked why, I told them I wasn't a poser.
  18. So......why the hell did you buy that Fobra in the first place?? There are zillions of GT's out there for sale, surely you would have found a regular one of your choice within a few minutes of looking on autotrader or something :shrug:
  19. i respect people like him.... :hail2:
  20. easy fix

    Easy way to fix the problem.. Run for pinks!!