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  1. Yes you will have you weld it on, its not an easy or fun job. Personally i would just put new bushings and rollers on. you can get the entire kit for both doors for 25 bucks. The roller spring on my drivers side door is broken but i can live with it. the door opens and shuts like normal, it just doesnt have a "stop" position that holds it open. It really only noticable on a hill or in the wind.

  2. Door hinges are a sore subject with me. All I can say is, if you don't do it yourself, then find someone very REPUTABLE. I spent $65 the first time to have a body shop put in pins and bushings. OOPS, we welded them in!!!! It cost me over $300 to get it done right since they had to take the fender off. Use caution or say bye bye to your money. :flag:
  3. thanks i think i am going to leave this job to one of the family friends that is also going to do the rest of my body work and also paint Dr_EluSivE i would of left it how it is but every time i open the door it bends the fender so i also need 2 new front fenders if any body wants to sell them to me :nice: :nice:

    :flag: good job troops :flag:
  4. I've been wondering a long time... why is it that for a sagging door the most common fix is to just replace the pins and not the whole hinge as blastit is doing?
  5. Because you can try the pins for cheap and all new hinges are way more expensive.
  6. the only reason i replaced the hinge is tht the roller broke
  7. and the pins are ruind
  8. i need to replace both pins also right???
  9. comon boys respond please
  10. well if you replace the hinge the new hinge should come with pins. If you just want to replace the pins then yes, you need to replace both pins and all 4 bushings. My drivers side roller is broken and my door does NOT contact the fender, it still opens the same distance it should it just does not click open. if you door is contacting you fender then A) your pins are REALLYYYY worn out or B) you have a door/fender alignment problem.

  11. i have a pic of the lower but dont know how to post it
  12. the door sags also i probaly have to lift a 1/2 inch for it to latch