Door Jamz

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  1. I think "Door Jamz" and the other interior colored pieces are a nice touch. What color would you suggest on a white 03 GT with black interior? White interior pieces seems a little boring, but I can't think of any other colors. Pics/suggestions? :)
  2. i would think white would look best if you were to do it :shrug:
  3. I'd hafta say white too. Exterior colored interior rocks! I however could not do mine in. I've seen so many Rio Reds with red dash panels. I just already had too much red I needed an accent color. Red On Red On Red would just look horrible! If you go with an accent color, you need to stick with it, in other words, paint engine pieces with it as well.


    I think a white car would look great with a wood dash trim. If you werent going with white that is. However that may make it fancy, not sporty. Also conflicting with the age of the driver. They also make carbon fiber. Thats another idea. Other wise silver, but thats so close to white, you might as well go with white.

    Door Jamz is a little cheap. Paint is the best. However, doorjamz is a must when experimenting. Beforing painting mine blue, I had blue door jamz. Paying $12 to see what worked is much better than getting stuck with something you yourself find hideous.
  4. I love the carbon fiber look on interior pieces, but I don't want it to look cheap. Since its a sticker, how does it look? Anything like real CF?
  5. I had the same problem with choosing a color for my interior. I have a Dark Shadow Grey Stang with charcoal interior and I tried a bunch of colors (silver=too common, black=too plain, and sonic blue=perfect). I'll post some pics so you can see it sometime soon. Just like "UmmYeahOk" said, pick a color and stick with it for all of your accents.
  6. I'd love pics DSG, Thanks :)