Door Pins/Bushing

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  1. Went to a body shop and paid them $60. to replace just the drivers side. 6 months later, door was in same condition due to shop using wrong parts, plus they welded the top pin in. Told shop that they did not repair the door correctly and they gave me my money back.

    Took it to another shop, they had to take off fender and unsnap front bumper cover due to the weld from last shop. They replaced the top body hinge and bushings/pins and all is good ;)

    Door fits nice and tight again, but it cost $309 :eek: at the second shop. Wish I would have went there first.

    The moral to this story is just do it yourself and save yourself money and a headache. :crazy:

  2. moral is door pins on these cars suck .. did mine before i painted it what a time i had with them .... make sure you get someone to help with this prossess...... youll need it .........
  3. You got that right, did mine myself, not a fun job but can be done. The hardest part is trying to get the stock pins out.
  4. I would have brought up a civil suit against that first shop and made them pay for the damage to my car..... IMO.
  5. Took me a full afternoon to do just my driver's side - what a PITA. That and new weatherstripping fixed my leak, though, so I'm happy. :)

    Glow - what's the 151 in your sig mean? 2.3 is 140 ci, just FYI. :)

  6. Not sure now

    Well, I thought it was the displacement, I thought I got it from the window sticker or somewhere. Now that you mention it, I'm not really sure, but I will do some research and see if I can figure out why.

    Yea, the new weatherstripping helps a lot too, after a bushing replacement. My car was leaking into the rear seat pocket when it rained. Gave car a musty smell too from getting on carpet. But ever since I fixed the door and the stripping no more mustys :flag: