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  1. I would like to see what you guys have done to get door speakers mounted in your Fox body stangs. I am trying to get a pair of MB Quarts mounted in my doors but the stock location is too shallow and too small around. I dont want kick pods but I would like some suggestions on custom mounting options. Pictures would be really nice too :nice:
  2. Get smaller Speakers? :scratch:

    Maybe they can fit in the dash? :shrug:
  3. :bang: DOH! why didnt I think of that!?

    now that the peanut gallery has spoken....
    A: I dont want smaller speaker which is why I am willing to do custom work to make the ones I want fit.
    B: Im thinking that it would be alot harder to fit a 6.75" speaker in a 3.5" dash hole than in the 6" door hole....ya think?
  4. I smashed out the grill on the door speaker cover, drilled holes in the metal plate behind the speaker and then using long screws, I mounted the speaker to the speaker cover, put the screws through the holes in the metal plate, put the aftermarket speaker grills on and reinstalled the door speaker cover to the door. Sorry, no pics right now, but I think it looks pretty clean. Heres a ****ty drawing of what it looks like form the side.

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  5. Sorry man but that sounds like it would look like complete butt.. i think what he is looking for is this

    These are pods i built out of 1/2" MDF and fiberglass for my Polk MOMO components I have a few more pics of where i installed crossovers and my 10" Polk MOMO in the spare tire well... and if you wanna know how it sounds... DAMN GOOD
  6. just to give you guys a heads up, i wouldnt try to put larger speakers in the doors... god get a tri sub ten inch wedge box made for a mustang from mtx, hits unbeleiveably hard, there goes your bass and mid bass problems. As for the door speakers, if you want something that will have decent mids, dont buy crap. Run a 4 channel amp to some good speakers, if you run off the head unit it wont sound near as good. amp recs.... 801d mtx. eclipse 4 channel. check them out on ebay.
  7. Dang... I wish I was...

    as handy as that - they DO look good. I'm handicapped when it comes to that kind of stuff.
  8. I have to agree that looks really nice... would you consider making one for me for some $$$?
  9. grodgers

    If you ever want to sell those let me know, i have the same setup only the panel does not extend all the way to the back of the door, and i am to lazy to fiberglass soem new ones hehe


  10. Those look mint. Mine dont look like ass, but they definately are't as clean looking as yours!