1. Yeah... Don't know who's it is but ran across that clip and figured it applied to a thread about putting money into sound, on a Mustang. :D
  2. Honestly, I gave up carving about car audio when I was in my early 20's. I've recently ebay d my stereo stuff. I spent a little chunk of change installing an OEM 1993 cd played and amp...and it never gets turned on.

    The stereos in modern cars are good enough for me these days.
  3. i prefer the sound coming from my tailpipes
  4. Nice to see another audiophile here .... Running a PPI Art series in my coupe , Us Amps for my sub , Sony Xec 1000 crossover. Nakamichi component set up front and nak 6x9 out back , also have a brand new Nakamichi pa200 in the box and an old Haffler crossover that's brand new to replace the Sony eventually !

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  5. Very nice man!! Wow, I used to own a XEC 1000. Sure does bring back some memories.

    I've only had the Art series for a couple of weeks at a time. But, they are very nice!!! Its so sad to me to see how companies like Hifonics, Rockford, PPI, US Amps, Quart, ect. sold out. Oh well, life goes on. Since you seem to be an old school equipment guy, if you don't already know it, Linear Power is producing amps again. They are making them here in the US and BETTER than before if you can believe that. I've heard them several times, its hard to describe in words how good they sound. They are going in my stang, just as soon as I get one!!!
  6. Awesome to know man yes i am an old school audiophile i was brought up on it when i wanted to start building stereos and i scrounge ebay for any old stuff i can find.