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  1. I am looking at buying a mach 1 that is missing the door tag, and I have a couple questions hope someone can answer. First how much does this hurt the value of the car? Second is there reproductions available? How do I prove it is truely a 63c mach 1 body? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. There is no problem in this case at all. Kevin Marti has a license from Ford to both reproduce these and to provide you a copy of his Marti Report, that details all the car's original build data from Ford's database. He can prove what it is and what it came with.

    His site is:
  3. Ok, I'm no expert but on your first question, I cant say how much it hurts the value of the car but obviously an original matching numbers car with original tags is always the most valuable.
    On your second question, the answer is Yes. Many people for whatever may find cause to get a reproduction door tag. Google MARTI and you will find they sell vehicle manufacture reports for all mustangs built from 67'onwards. Also, they sell reproduction door tags.
    The find step is to satisfy yourself the car is an original Mach 1. If so, your can purchase a MARTI report for the car (cost $70-100) and it will tell exactly all the manufacturing specs for the vehicle based on the VIN you will need to get from the chassis. The report will tell you the original color, transmission type, DSO, interior color, axle, etc for the vehicle. Armed with that information, you can order a reproduction door tag for your vehicle. I have seen several restored vehicles at shows where the owner has purchased a new door tag simply because the old one was lost, damaged or simply damaged over time.