Door vinyl coming off HELP!!

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  1. This is the 3rd time this past year that my vinyl has come loose from my door panel. The drivers side door is starting to come loose. I keep my Stang IMMACULATE and never use things like armor all on the inside. Ford suggested I spray the adhesive spray and it worked the first time for 3 months , the 2nd about 90 days and last week it lasted a day. I am cleaning the door very well before I glue it back on.

    Can anyone tell me what type of glue to use so it will stay and not fall back down? I can add a pic if someone tells me how


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  2. Take the door panel completely off and lay it flat. Use a small bead of hot glue around the outside of the offending panel and 3M spray adhesive for the rest.

    Work from the bottom up using a roller of some sort (paint, dough, whatever you got).
    Spray the adhesive on the vinyl side and roll it.
    Put your hot glue around the edges then trace that edge seam with a screen installation tool (found your local hardware store)
    Let it dry and clean the excess off with Goo-be-gone.

    The door panel should last longer than the rest of the car. :)
  3. Thanks I will try this. I emailed Ford AGAIN and they MAY take a look at it. If not I will do what you suggest this weekend
  4. Hi larbec7,

    I am able to review your case, and see if there is anything I can do to help with your door vinyl. Please PM me with your VIN, contact information, mileage, and servicing dealer name/state and I will assist.

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  5. I'm having the same trouble

    My DS started coming off about 6 months ago. I used 3M 90 (the most expensive I could find) to reattach it. That worked for a few months. The foam padding was breaking down and seemed to be the weak link. The second time I used contact adhesive. I figured that would be the end of it, but it's coming loose again. Now, there's probably so much dried glue on it that it might be impossible to repair properly. Plus, the PS is starting to come loose now.
  6. Also, the console pad is coming loose from the plastic frame underneath. My resume fell off in my lap about a year ago. i was told I had to buy the whol cruise control set in order to replace one plastic button cover. I just glued it back solid.

    I've really enjoyed my 05 GT, but it's falling apart on the inside despite being well taken care of, which is very disappointing.
  7. my mustant is suffering from this same problem, now my question is, what else can be done other than using adhesive, is there any other solution
    mine is a 2007 mustang, and other than that vinyl panel coming loose everything else is ok with it
  8. I took my 2006 Mustang to the Ford dealer and they would not even repair it if I paid them. I think if so many people are having problems that they should do a recall and repair this. I have never owned a car that this happened before. It didn't even happen to my first Mustang which I bought in 1966. And no car since then including Ford & Nissan & Volvo products. It is obviously a large problem if you look on the Internet there are hundreds of sites dealing with this one problem. I am really not that upset I just think that Ford needs to step up and admit that there is a problem and left their FORD dealers fix it for people and not put us through all this.
  9. I had the same problem with my panel and found an upgrade kit in Muscle Mustangs and fast Fords from Predator Mustang in Jan. 2014 issue. It was easy to install , looks great and I even won a First place trophy with them in last car show in Houston.

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