Door Window Guides And Seals

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  1. Hi I want to change the guides and seals on my doors that support the windows does anyone know of a good source for these. 1988 gt Thanks.
  2. Late model restoration sells the entire door restoration kit; window guides seals, motors, door lock actuators etc.... They also sell each part independently
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  3. Exactly! And if you call over there to late model resto their tech line is awesome!

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  4. x3 on LMRS. They also give Stangnet members a discount.
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  5. Hi I ordered the window guides and door seals it will be nice to get rid of the wind noise.
  6. I just got an 86 ttop about two weeks ago. Joined stangnet right before I picked it up. I made my second order to LMRS today, first one was actually window guide bushings as they were completely gone. Anyway, how do members get a discount? I have an agreement with the wifey that I can order some parts with every paycheck as long as they are the low cost items. I will be using LMRS a lot.
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  8. I'm not sure about discounts but I ordered the door seal and window seals and it worked great.
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