Dose This Sound Like A Good Combo?

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  1. Engine is a 289 bored 30 over with flat top forged pistons (4 valve reliefs), Compression ratio should be between 9.5 or 10 to 1 (used online calculator)

    Going with retrofit link bar roller lifters (Howards)
    Installing an Edelbrock EDL-2221
    Sticking a set of slightly ported/polished Windsor JR iron heads on
    Running and Edelbrock RPM Airgap intake and a 1406 carb

    Does it seem like it will be an ok combo? I just want it to get out of its own way not looking to drag race or anything just a hot street performer.
    The car is will have a T5 transmission and a limited slip 3.80 rear in it.

    I know it is a little late to asked that question, engine is on the way to the builder this evening and all the parts are in my hands...
  2. It should be a good runner.
  3. should be good for about 350-375hp, and have a solid mid range power curve. you wont need to worry about a slightly soggy low end with the 3.80 rear gear. one bit of advice, with the 3.80 rear, look for a T5 with the 2.95 first gear, the 3.35 first gear will be a bit low overall.

    congrats, you have a well thought out combination here.
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