Double Check My Procedure Here..

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  1. I am working on my 69 Cougar, with a 361W. I got started on it last October/November, before I moved everything to Colorado. The basic build is a .030 over, .010 over under with a retrofitted roller cam. Trick Flow 170 heads, (I know now, not big enough) and a 670 Holley street avenger. The rear gears are a 3.89 behind a T5. The cam specs out at .513/.513.

    The last thing I need for my engine internally, is a set of push rods. I measured today.... 8.137 inch length. Seems like a lot to me, but Trick Flow said in their instructions that came with my heads that longer than stock PR's are required.
    I guess my question is, does it matter where in the firing order you start with the measuring process? I installed the light weight springs, and made a few rotations. Came back to it and did it again today, with a solid converted roller lifter. PERFECT center of the valve stem, narrow sweep.
    I have three extra sets of push rods around, I had hoped that one of them would be long enough, but nope! I see that I can get these:

    For under a hundred, and then plus shipping.
    Do you see anything here that I may have done procedurally that is flawed? After my last go round with PR measurements, I just want to double check my method here.
  2. no it doesnt matter where you check the pushrod length. whether you check it on number one, or number seven doesnt make a difference as all you want is proper rocker arm geometry. and if your geometry is largely different cylinder to cylinder, you have other serious issues to deal with.
  3. I have a real good, narrow pattern, hopefully you can see it in the picture. P1060713.JPG P1060715.JPG P1060713.JPG P1060715.JPG
  4. then order the length rods you need.
  5. What is the ratio on your rocker arms ? 1.6 or 1.7 ? Maybe that would account for the extra length needed ?