Double clutching??????

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  1. If I'm right, double clutching was done on older trannies. How and why is it doen on new cars. I know someone that says is friend does this on his cobra and and I'm not sure why. Could someone explain this to me?

  2. It's not needed on todays car's since they have synchros to get the car into gear easier...

  3. Ummmm, if you drive hard (I'm not talking about playing in the car here) you NEED to learn downshifting techniques such as those in the link. Otherwise you simply can NOT enter a corner at max velocity without locking up the rear wheels...which you do not want to do at speed, on the edge, turning in!
  4. It has nothing to do with has everything to do with driving technique.
  5. Its pretty much just used as an advanced driving technique. I do it for fun in turns and stuff like that, or for rev matching for a quick downshift on the highway.. stuff like that. You dont *need* to DC in everyday driving, but its a good skill to master, plus its fun to boot :)
  6. Its a ricer term for popping the clutch in under acceleration to pop the rpm's up really quick and then dump it to get a jump on the other 16 second strip terror next to them. Waste of time. They dont understand the real meaning of double clutching.
  7. Double clutching is for the hydrolic clutches it does nothing on a cable clutches but wear out your clutch. That one of those quotes from the slow and frustrated
  8. wow that's just ignorant.....when you downshift do you notice the slight jerk in the car as your rpms match the lower gear..To extend life of your synchros and make it feel like a smoother downshift you probably rev the engine to the rpm and then shidt and depress the clutch allowing for a smooth transition...however since you depress the clutch to do this while shifting the clutch is spinning way slower than the engine when you rev it yourself ..this wears on the clutch while saving your order for it to be seamless and save both clutch and synchros >>to downshift you press clutch > shift into neutral > depress clutch > rev engine > Push clutch in downshift and it will feel smooth..this helps alot while taking corners but can be used to save wear on parts..once you practice this it can be done pretty quick
  9. double clutching on todays cars does nothing unless your secrose are out, what it does is turn the gear up the the same speed as the main shaft in your transmission which esentially is what your sencro is for, what you are refering to is rev matching where when u down shift you do the same thing in reverse instead of shifting up you are down shifting and matching the rpm you will be at once u shift into hte lower gear

  10. ignorant what do you do for a living a pro driver? maybe a mechanic? :rlaugh:
  11. I have always thought of double clutching as something that is done at acceleration.

    I think that rev matching is a more appropriate term for the way you downshift for corners in a road course.

    Thats just how I keep the two straight.

  12. Well said actually.
  13. plz explain to me how you would double clutch while shifting seems totally useless...however what you call "rev matching" is double clutching..notice you clutch twice

    for acceleration I would think you would "power shift" when you stab the clutch and shift while having the gas pressed all the way throughout
  14. nevermind
  15. from what i know....double clutching was used on older big trucks, like dump trucks and tractor trailers. there are some new trucks that still use double clutching to shift. to do it, you have to push the clutch in, shift to neutral, let the clutch out, push the in, shift to the next gear, and let the clutch out. its really neat to see someone double clutch in a big truck, esp. if they can shift fast. there is NO need to double clutch in any car. its stupid to do so and it doesnt make you go faster.

  16. You would only use double clutching to up shift if your syncronizers are goign out and you don't want to grind gears its not a technique for drag racing its just a way to shift without grinding on none syncro trannies

    Rev matching double cluctching whatever i just use two diff terms as not to confuse people call it whatever you want i was just trying to clear the air for some people
  17. its cool man...bottom line double clutching while upshifting is totally useless on todays cars

    "revmatching" which is "double clutching" since you double clutch :) is the same thing but saves wear on your componenets and is smoother
  18. sounds cool if you have a nice exhaust.