Double clutching??????

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  1. double clutching is what i do on our dump trucks. those old Mac trucks wont go into gear with one shift. if you try you will grind the hell out of it. thats why when you see a truck grinding gears really bad its becuase he doesnt know that he has to double clutch it.
  2. First things first. If you want to be a good driver you should try to learn everything about driving. Not say "It is not needed on today’s cars". Yes it is not needed but if that is the case your V8 mustang is not either. So, shouldn't you have bought an automatic Toyota Echo. Yuck! You people made me say it. :)

    Anyway, Double Clutch you would use on down shifting. You match the rotation of the engine with the rotation of the drive train. It is not really to save the syncrorings. It does save them but that is such a minor thing. If you want to save the rings, stay in first gear and get out of the way. A time where you would want DC is if you need to down shift on a turn. There are other times but this one I think people can relate to since we all down shift. If you drive a manual you will notice that when you down shift, your car's rear end (we are in mustang land here) will grab harder. The result would be that the car slows down or even causing the rear end to slip until the drive train matches up with the engine. When done this way it is sometimes called engine braking. Well, engine braking in a turn can cause the rear end to slip out, resulting in a spin. This is not good. So to avoid this you would DC.
  3. after reading all these i still dont know what to believe. ill just go watch fast and furious again to find out the real truth, haha
  4. That is basically what I've been saying Thrush

    LOL...also I think vin diesel meant to say "granny shifting not "power shifting" like you should"
  5. Double clutching was done on older non-synchronized or partially synchronized (1st and Rev) transmissions. IMO double clutching a fully synchronized 5 or 6-speed tranny is gay and should be left to ricers as there is no benefit other than increased clutch wear and tear. It is a necessity on some farm tractors and semis, even my old 85 F-150 back in the day required it to get in 1st (granny) and reverse without grinding because they weren't synchronized. If your a serious road racer maybe, for the street and drag racing I can't see where it would do any good at all except smoke the **** out of a perfectly good clutch twice as fast. :)
  6. I know Newb. I just had to reiterate it. Some people just don't get it. I you at first don't succeed. Try, try again. So I will.

    Double Clutching is not "GAY." Unless you think that going fast is "GAY". Because you would have to go slower in certain situations if you do not DC. Yes, you don't need to do it when going down the drag strip. Just because you race on a linear path, does not mean you have to think that way.
  7. This may be a true statement if your talking about a 71' Kenworth.

    When your talking going fast and shifting, POWERSHIFT is the first shift that comes to mind for most drivers. If you have to double clutch to avoid bouncing off the rev limiter or sliding the rear end, you probably shouldn't be downshifting at that RPM. Double clutching a fully synchronized mustang tranny makes you faster like a VTEC sticker on a Honda civic makes a ricer faster.
  8. read above I said power shift...noone said DC makes you makes your car more stable at hard cornering {heel toe shifting}
  9. Whatever :rolleyes: I was replying to thrush's statement, he implied that double clutching makes you faster. Anyhow nobody is gonna convince me that double clutching is required, adds stability during cornering, or is anything other than unnecessary pedal effort and clutch wear on a mustang or any other fully synchronized tranny. I've never had a problem keeping a car in its powerband around corners at speed by braking and shifting normally :shrug: I also have the opinion that brakes are easier/cheaper to replace than clutches, so for 99% of driving on the street or track double clutching is futile. Those who like to do it and think it is fun :nice: I still think it's gay...