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  1. Is anybody here running a double DIN in-dash player of any sorts?

    Debating on if I am going to go with a single DIN flip-out with nav or I would prefer the cleaner look of the double DIN.

    And for any of you that are running the double DIN, do you have any problems such as when shifter you accidentally hit the touch screen and change songs/settings?

    Need something newer then the deck from 1996 in it now, and it needs to have nav.
  2. its all in what you prefer.....but thats not what you wanted to I like the look of the double din since i've gotten used to it and i'm not too familiar with the newer large single din. In a word, i'd stick with it to look "original". I've always thought those single din's with the pull out screens look cool, then you can hide it on quick might cover the ac controls a bit but i don't think it would be a bother. But if you would be using the screen most of the time i'd prob go with a large single din with a always visible screen.
  3. I was also gonna ask someone if by this picture, can you tell if the stock mach460 amp rack was removed? I'm all the way in Korea and this is about the only picture I have.. don't mind the ****ty self-powered pioneer sub. It came with the car and will be removed quickly lol.

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  4. Another question to throw out there is, if I disconnect just the two rear 6x8's from the rest of the system, and run them off of 2 channels on my 4/3 channel amp, will the headunit only be pushing the two front speakers?

    Will this be better in the case that instead of 18wx4 the headunit is putting out, would it now be xxwx2 to just the front speakers?

    Sorry if this is confusing lol, just trying to figure out if I can run the new headunit on just the 2 front aftermarket speakers, and then the back 2 off of a 4 or 3 channel amp that will also be powering a sub.
  5. double din

    I dont mean to hijack this thread.. I cant seem to find anyone on the internet having Double Din Navigation unit in a fox body mustang 79-93. I see that they are guage face plates for them but no actual photos.. I am debating wheather or not to go for it or is it too much to relocate the Hvac and install? Any advice or photos of completed units would help! Thx
  6. I had a single din flip out touch screen kenwood in my 95. I upgraded to a double din kenwood unit and to be honest i loved the double din much much better. It will take a lil fab work to get it to bolt in there right and you will need to buy a new ac/radio trim peice but it will be well worth it in the end beleive me. I say go for it !!! and as for the 87-93 double din i have never personaly seen one but it can be done i am sure. I almost tried it in my 93 i thought about movinfg the heat/ac controls into the glove box and trying to fit it in there ..i know it can be done but as for a simple swap in and out ..i don tthink it is going to happen.
  7. I found one picture. but I am not sure of whos car this is to ask.. I will post..


    I am not sure if this person used this kit or not. and if was difficult to install..

    View attachment 285055

    This is the only thing I could find and I found it on :SNSign:

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  8. the double din looks cool!
  9. by the looks of that a 10 of 12 in. sub?....with its a 12 then yes it was removed because 12's with the rack won't fit that far in the trunk.....if its a 10 than im gonna say probably not

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  10. anybody knows where i could buy the double din radio and a/c control face plate?
  11. You're "mach box" is still in place in that photo. Check out my pics for a single din flip out install on a '99...

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  12. Hey Amplifier28, a Double Din you can get pretty much anywhere.. bestbuy or future shop.. crutchfield etc.. the plate you have to order from Hope this helps.. I am curious to know how much hack and slaching you would have to do to install the Double din radio up were the Hvac controls are.. Any ideas anyone?
  13. You have to cut a metal support about 1/8" thick and then cut a plastic support about the same thickness, these hold the A/C controls in place. The next thing is moving the airbag module (blue box). Its rather hard to move because its holding on somehow to a metal bracket, I have no idea how mine came off, and that would have to be relocated. The next problem you run into :notnice: is extending/rerouting the vac lines for the A/C controls (Max A/C, Norm A/C, Vent... etc,). Even if you were to do all that and buy the plate from, the trim from around where the A/C originally came, has a raised edge, :notnice: and won't look right ir you just install a Double Din plate. It can be done, because I was close to doing it, the only thing that stopped me was messing with the vac lines... I'm not very experienced in vac lines.:shrug:
  14. i have had good luck with pioneer double din units with touch screen nav. go on you tube to find out how to bypass the motion sensor so you can nav and drive at the same time
  15. i installed the jvc double din was $199 I love it even has the port for a memory stick, thats all i use for music now! has plenty of options too including hd radio
  16. I just had my 06 gt convertible broken into. Took $3800 in stereo equiptment and another $3600 in interior damage. Im going back to stock and doing some changes to the alarm.

    Cant have anything nice.