Double Din Radio/gps

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  1. Has anyone installed a Double Din/GPS radio without hacking up the non - reversal things I've been reading about?
  2. Everything is reversable
  3. I'm not sure what these "non-reversals" are, that you're talking about.

    I've put a ton of radios into several tons of different cars and I think the hardest portion to overcome on any of them was installing factory radios with integrated theft deterrent systems, into cars that were not originally equipped.

    I've built quite a few custom cable connectors to though. Junk yards are great for still having these things left behind and intact.
  4. Read people had to cut the metal brakets, tabs??? ....and something about clearance with tranns tunnel. These posts were from 4-5 years ago. What units fit the best @Noobz347 ???

  5. Might be easier.

    The issue is the radio mount on the trans. A double din would hit the front lip, so you'll need to remove it and trim the front lip, and potentially trim the studs down. The mach 460 fit only when i trimmed the support.

    So that's part of the challenge. I guess it all depends on the physical size of the unit you swap in. If one is shallow, you'll have an easier time.
  6. Id go with a Parrot if it were me looking for an all in one type unit. But, instead of that, I'm installing a Nexus 7 in my dash of my dd Volvo, doesnt get much shallower than that!
  7. I don't think I'll ever purchase another in-dash GPS.

    In-dash models tend to cost more than $100 a year to update. Your garden variety Nuvi? $100 for a life-time of updates.
  8. you just like SUCTION cups
  9. Thought about going double din in mine, but didn't like the idea of my radio so low in the dash and didn't feel like relocating the HVAC controls. :shrug:
  10. Found some pics of various double dins with various bezels....

    4hdLzSiJdfhNpbjAQAqb323S3BLdcSUNQFD1aiY1Ol4.jpeg IMGP1386.jpeg 87stang2.jpeg IMG_2871.jpeg

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  11. I don't like the look of the A/C controls on the bottom with that long flat bezel, looks weird to me. Along with all the screws poking out. So if I decided to do this, I will keep the A/C on top. The 2nd pic, the guy raised the bezel edge flush with the upper A/C bezel line, feel like it needs to be a filled out more in the bezel left over area.
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  12. I actually agree with you here. I used to be Anti-suction cup, so I purposely went out and bought daily drivers with factory Navigation. I found that it quickly becomes outdated and expensive to update.

    A garmin is $100 and I just use it when I need it.

    If i'm in a bind, the Iphone works just as well.

    Next car won't have GPS. Saves me $3K or so right there

  13. When we got our Durango, it was WITH the touch screen and bells and whistles etc, but sans GPS. I don't know what the issue is with OEM in-dash GPS (or integrated head unit GPS for that matter) but they def rape you on the updates.

    Here's the wrinkle... The one that I have in the Suburban is a Kenwood with integrated Garmin GPS. They want $149 for the annual update. I download it from the SAME site that I get my $100 for life updates from, on the Nuvi. :nonono:

    When I call Garmin to say, "What's up"?!? They tell me that it costs them more to put out the update for the integrated unit. My response was: Really??? I download the digital file from your site just like I do for the Nuvi and "I" burn it to DVD for installation. So how exactly is your overhead so much more? o_O

    Their response:

    Ummm. :scratch:

    And like you, the app on my Android (Google GPS) does a pretty good job. I just don't see the logic with in-dash anymore.
  14. $199 here from Infiniti for my Update DVD's. Every once in a while they run a special for $99 I'm still running on 2006 Maps, but I bet i can snag a used DVD on ebay for cheap.

    EDIT: Nope. People still want $100 for the DVD's from 2006/2007. WTF?
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  15. Good call. I had not considered getting an old/new update from the likes of ebay. I may try that.

    That there, is good stuff!
  16. Good points, ...if i go with a double din with everything but gps, then it will save a ton of cash. I already have a megellan gps that works pretty good.
    As far as function with keeping it in the lower slot, below A/C bezel, im looking at the ones with any major buttons on the left side rather having lots on the lower bottom edge. Did some tests around the shifter last night and left side physical buttons and left side screen buttons will work great. Gonna research some video reviews on these products to get a ballpark of what is on the market.

  17. What about one of those deals that has the screen that pushes out and flips up?


    Heavy modification is not required and it help with the elevation of the screen.

    What I notice about a lot of TFT screens in cars is that they aren't all that great for viewing if you're not looking pretty straight on to it. With a screen installed so low and the viewing angle so high, you may not be happy with having to stoop down all the time to read the display.
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  18. I also just read on Crutchfield site concerning the Double Din install when I typed in my make/model how they TOO stated the part about tranny studs being modified.
    If i use the slide out screen, having my short throw shifter should help a ton if I go that route. That would raise up the viewing for sure and I could live with a slight A/C control blocking. Gonna look into these models now I guess.