Progress Thread Down For A Decade - Got The Job!

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  1. After dragging it around for wayyyyyyy too long, it's time to get this coupe back on the road. I wanted to share my progress and experiences to help some that are already elbow deep and maybe motivate a few others to get their Fox project started or finished!

    I purchased the car in 2001 at a ripe 21 years old! It was a one owner Florida car that had 50k miles. The car was owned by a young woman who got pregnant and had to sell it. She ordered it from the dealer and was literally crying on the title as she signed it over to me. After promising to love and care for the car, the keys were reluctantly handed over. Being the young punk that I was, I immediately proceeded to do a burn out and power shift second as I left the parking lot. She must have been sobbing :D

    The car was bone stock and I got to do the 30 minute tune up. Then I bolted on the usual upgrades, pullies, plug wires, coil, BBK shorties, Bassani x pipe no cats, flowmasters with dumps, Steeda tri-ax, King Cobra clutch, oh and don't forget the Monster Tach!(so fast it needs 2 tachs!) The A/C went out, so I yanked everything out (kinda regret that now that I'm older). The car stayed like this for awhile, doing regular maintenance and replacing a few parts store water pumps. Then that fateful night, the stupid bitch grabbed the shifter and pulled it out of 5th straight into reverse. The tires were locked up even after I slammed the clutch in. I had to smack the shifter to get it back out of reverse. Goodbye reverse gear! All the forward gears still worked but that wasn't the end. After we were rolling again she decided she wanted to get out of the car and flung the door open into a mailbox! I locked em up, pushed the door back open and said good riddance!

    The car survived it's bumps and bruises, but rebuilding the tranny was not in the budget. I drove it several more years strategically parking in pull through spots and dumping the clutch when I knew I wouldn't make the u-turn. I had to roll down the driveway and then pull out over the front lawn! The car had 90k on it and I knew it deserved better. So I vowed to bring her back to her glory days. This was the last day the car ran back in 2008

    I picked up a 93 4 cylinder hatch as a DD and I started tearing the car apart with visions of superchargers and fresh paint running through my head. Then the economy took a dump and I got laid off. Life sucks sometimes! I decided a change of scenery was in order and headed to NC. I had to drag the car with me in several pieces. I went back to school, met a girl, moved, got engaged, moved, got married, moved and now it's finally time to get down to business!:rock:
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  2. What's the plans?? And hope you keep that color. It's nice looking and fairly unique. Look forward to watching another progress thread! Good luck
  3. Wow kinda wild story bro, 2 things, lady signing over the title crying
    and you burning the tires on your way out ------> :doh:

    and the girl pulling the shifter from 5th to reverse :uzi:--------> :ack:

    Do the Gunk rinse then tire foam trick on that engine bay,
    make you feel better :nice:
  4. Subscribing. She will be a bad mofo!!!
  5. Thanks! I'm building a street/strip sleeper and I'm thinking hard about keeping the color. Parts are piling up and I've already made some good progress, more to come!
  6. I decided to start on the interior while I save up for the more expensive part of the build, the suspension and engine. Most of the work is just labor and elbow grease. Here is the interior stripped down
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  7. Wow! Getting things done! Are you going with a black interior? That would pop with that color combo.
  8. The car has an opal gray interior and I don't have the heart to spray dye it. I'm going with a black and gray theme, putting in black carpet and headliner and leaving some of the pieces gray.
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  9. should pop the quarter windows out and re do them since you are so far into it already
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  10. Looking good. Keep the progress pics comin!
  11. I've seen a few like that and it def looked good also IMO.
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  12. Nice, good start! I am getting ready to drag my 93 Reef Hatch from Massachusetts to Indiana where it will have it's own garage so I am looking to get started on things in earnest like you are.
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  13. nice! NC and the weather is already trying to turn spring!! better keep that pace :)
  14. All the wires were covered in that 20 year old, sticky nasty mess. So it scraped it all of the harness and re-wrapped the whole interior harness with electrical tape. That sucked, but now it won't make a mess every time I look at it!


    SAM_3438.jpg SAM_3439.jpg SAM_3429.jpg
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  15. Looking good!
  16. Thanks! Much needed sound dampener, Fat Mat, way cheaper than Dynamat!
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  17. I think you've inspired me to almost fully gut my interior and do the same cleanup/sound deadening.
  18. Retaping the harness after scraping it would suck for sure. LQQks great now :nice:
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  19. Interior needs a good scrubbing and retouching some of the black pieces

    Who shat on my seat!


    Good ole dish soap!

    SAM_3460.JPG SAM_3461.JPG

    Taped off and ready

    Going to paint the dash black too

    I picked up another cluster housing to mount my monster tach to. I don't like the tach pods and didn't want to drill holes in my stock piece. It already had some holes for a CB radio mount, so I patched them up.
  20. Looks real fresh. Keep them pics comin!