Progress Thread Down For A Decade - Hidden Wiper Motor

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  1. Whoa, thats a first.
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  2. You could make a sheet metal cover for it, also. Not as pretty as hiding it, but at least cover it up if it bothers you seeing it.

    Edit* You could also paint it blue, slap a little NOS sticker on it, and play games with noobs that see it. ;)
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  3. It'd been different if I was talking to you.;)
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  4. Use a beer can over it would be better
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  5. @Fordfreak93
    I see you have all the holes on your driver side shock tower sanded down to the metal to fill them in. Two of the holes on this tower is for mounting the brake proportion valve if you plan on still running it. I accidentally filled them in and had to drill them back out when I smoothed my bay. Ultimately I ended up removing my stock style proportion valve for a MM delete kit.

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  6. I know, I know, I'm getting a little out of control over here, but it won't take much to take this car to another level without it being a trailer queen. Having functioning wipers with a hidden motor seems pretty cool to me. All I see at shows are those stupid bullet covers on wiper arms that aren't used anymore. If I decide that I don't really need wipers I can unbolt my hidden motor and slap on a set of bullet covers myself. I'm trying to do this mod without spending a ton of time on it, so far I only have a few hours of scouring the internet and holding parts in the cowl. I'll keep you posted!
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  7. Thanks for the heads up! I am still figuring out my brake setup and will be mocking stuff up when the bay is in primer. I was going to run drums in the rear but now I have a complete disc setup so I'll need a proportioning valve. I'll check out the MM kit and I'll also be installing a line lock kit. I have to figure out how to hide and mount everything. Thanks for looking out for me, I hate doing stuff twice!
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  9. Page 23 of that thread has more pics of the bracket/mounting, and several pages thereafter with wider shots of the engine bay show the three bolts that attach it to the cowl.
  10. I posted the pics from that thread on the last page. It's the only inspiration I have, lol. I think I have it down, I might hide the bolts too, no turning back. I'll post up pics if it works :rlaugh:
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  11. So I found a set of wheels this weekend :D Steeda Ultra Lite I 17x9. There are 5 of them new in the box!!! I already have three of these wheels in chrome that were damaged by Tire Kingdom and replaced under warranty and I've been searching all over the country to find one more. These popped up only a couple minutes from my Dad in FL and I had to buy all of them. He scooped them up for me yesterday and they are headed my way! I am thinking about polishing or painting them, but they are so pretty that I'll probably just run them as is for awhile. I may have two of the chrome wheels widened for drag radials or keep extras just in case.

    I'm still doing a bunch of welding and grinding, nothing really picture worthy. I should have my wiper motor hidden by this weekend though, stay tuned...

  12. very nice! Those wheels will look great.
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  13. Always liked those wheels
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  14. The only thing I worry about with stick on mats is the PITA for paintless dent removal for small dings. Hail and door dings happen.

    I do not see any blood in the starting pictures. Anyone who would slam the shifter into another gear while a passenger, risking damage to me and the car, would be living dangerously. Then to slam the door into a mailbox reeks of disrespect, meanness and stupidity. Regardless of the passenger’s gender or relationship, she was lucky you were not the type to run her over in anger.

    I wish you easy progress in your rebuild!
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  15. First attempt at hiding the wiper motor went well. I have a few adjustments to make, the motor needs to be raised up a little to allow the arm to clear the cowl. I'm thinking this will actually work! I'm going to remake the plate that attaches to the motor itself and raise it up this time. Then I have to straighten the linkage and the wiper arms and I'll have a stealthy wiper system! I also trimmed up the pinch weld and have been grinding welds like crazy! Spending all this time in the bay better be worth it!
  16. I'm watching this closely. I'd really like to hide mine, too.
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  17. What's the wiper motor look like from the front in the engine bay?

    I wouldn't mind hiding mine. I don't even use wipers anymore, but need to keep it in place for inspection reasons.
  18. This is what it looks like from the front right now. I'm going to weld the bolts to the firewall and then grind the heads down. The area is concave and the only bolt that really needs to be ground is the bottom one. Then I will cover the concave area with a piece of sheet metal so the whole upper fire wall is nice and smooth. The wiper motor assembly can still be removed and replaced if there are any issues. Even just hiding the wiper motor and being able to see the plate and bolts is better than having that ugly thing hang in the bay, IMO. The way that Trbofox did it, he made the firewall flat but you could still see the three bolt heads. There are lots of options, just depends on how crazy you want to get!

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  19. Man those wheels look great! I wouldnt mess with the paint being they are so nice, but they are your wheels after all. Great work on the wiper motor. Your progress is motivating.
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  20. I finally got them in my hands and you're right, they are way too nice to mess with! I am going to run them as is until they need to be refinished. I would like them to have a slightly darker or "smoked" look, so I might plastidip them. That could help protect them too.