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  1. new guy here. was looking for some tuning advice for my 94' cobra. seems like every tim i drive the car and shut it off the next time i start it it runs completely different! i.e. popping, backfiring and such. other times it will act very civilized as it should. i keep good fuel in always and drive it maybe 400 to 500 miles a year. the consists of 347, trick flow track heat heads, trick flow r intake, trick flow stage 2 cam, t-trim, 50lb injectors with matching maf, msd 6al, complete aeromotive fuel system. still has stock computer, no chip! i know this may be vague but anything may help. my local tuner maintains that it shouldnt need a chip. also running 56lbs of fuel pressure and still cant get the car to fatten up.
  2. :eek: I can't believe anyone would try to tune that combo mechanically :eek:

    Yes ... I guess at WOT :shrug:

    It might run with a decent air to fuel ratio


    It would seem to me it would not behave very good when you are just
    crusin around town when operating under low pulsewidth conditions :nono:

    Have you talked to other Pro Tuners :)

  3. my feelings exactly. if you know a good tuner in the dfw area i will put my car on my next truck headed that way!
  4. The only guy I trust hangs out in Grady's garage :)

    Honestly ... I don't have knowledge about any other tuners :(

    If you post up your location, maybe some other members local to you
    will offer some insight about other Pro Tuner options :shrug:

  5. I'm with Grady. That combo HAS to have a tune if you expect it to run good at cruise, startup etc.

    Without tuning the warm cranking is going to be extremely rich regardless of what you do as the tricked MAF cannot compensate there.