Dr_elusives Swap Question and Progress Thread V 2.0

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  1. Mike, 1000's of people use splifire plugs believing the claims they use to make. That doesn't make splitfires "better".

    Millions of cars came from the factory with 4 ga or whatever it is, do all those need to change it out for 1/0 cable?

    It's all in the application and how much overkill you think you need.

    Millions of people smoke, does that make it the "right" thing to do?
  2. not to bring up anything lame, i added a ground strap to my setup and it cleaned up the idle a little. Mind you my injector harness is grounded via the intake manifold (stock 87lx harness) and my main ground strap is not new. Either way i dont think it will hurt anything...

    Glad to see the swap(s) comming along guys,just make sure your gaskets are set well...oil leaks are no bueno ,speically rear main/pan gaskets ;)
  3. Having a ground wire wrapped into the injector harness doesn't mean that it's grounding the injectors. Unless you can trace it back to pin 20, 40 or 60 of the ECU connector, it's a ground for something else.

    The red wire of the injector is 12v+ from the EEC relay and the tan wire is a switched ground (paired) that goes directly to the ECU to complete the circuit back to the driver...then to ground through 20, 40 or 60.
  4. Yeah, citing ads and internet boards...great sources MikeR...LOL...I'm beginning to see ANOTHER reason why I'm faster than you...
  5. Uh, yea. People who have actually done the work.
    They know more than you.

    Because you're a midget in a focus? :shrug:
  6. http://bbs.hardcore50.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=10401&highlight=starter+cable

    I'm sure your gona say George Klass is an Ahole too?
    Tech director for FFW,
    Co-owner of CHP and Accufab too I think.

    he's only been alive since 1939 what could he know LOL
  7. I'm not sure what you think you are proving, other than you have time to search other websites.

    All those guys are saying is to "go bigger" without really thinking about it.

  8. haha,
    So None of those guys in ANY of those links really think about their wiring before they do it?

    They're just recommending wiring sizes for people's cars by rolling dice.

    Notice how many people said 4 gauge?

    Looks like you guys are in the minority.
  9. Yeah, George is a friggin' wiring genius...LOL :rolleyes: You get your wiring cues from a race promoter...good one...he thought the wagon was FWD when he saw it. I'm not so sure I'd call him a car expert on anything.

    You could go to Nevada and round up all the people who think NASA faked the moon landing...that doesn't mean it didn't happen....even if you found 100 of them.

    You don't understand basic electrical circuits...you don't understand slightly more complicated ones...you have no clue about the actual functions of an EFI-equipped automobile or how an ECU functions...but you think you are qualified to give wiring advice to the masses. :rolleyes:

    Just another reason to not trust what you read on the Internet.
  10. :scratch: "and everyone in the room is now dumber for having read this post"
  11. Not if you paid attention to the tech. I guess it just depends on how attentive you are. :)
  12. Joe, are you that dumb? :rlaugh:

    So what do you do? You bring up stupid statements like "Moon Landing" and try to avert the attention away from your rediculous suggestions.

    Your wrong here. It's obvious. Everyone else sees it. My statements have been proven by thousands of people.

    So what does big bad Joe do? He insults the person who is listing page after page of documented user testimony and results.

    You haven't got a leg to stand on here.

    4 gauge is just as good as zero gauge. :rlaugh: Your really funny. I can't believe I'm actually having this conversation with someone.

    Oh well, some people you just can't reach.

    I wonder if Joe even knows the amperage draw of a ford starter Cold/Hot.
    If you added that plus the draw from the headlights, brake lights, fuel pump, radio..... You would see that 4 gauge isn't enough.
    Will it work? Sure, comes from the factory like that. Will zero gauge work better. YEP. And that's my point.
    95% of all Mustang builders/racers have made the same comments all over the place. So don't try to single me out here. Like I said, your the minority.

    But by all means, do your car the way you want. Just don't get all bent out of shape when the entire world tells you your not optimizing the cabling system by using 4 gauge.

    I have no idea why you would insist that people only use factory sized cables on their projects. I really think your TRYING to mess people's cars up.

    everyone that reads this thread knows damn well that using the good cables will show improved starting/charging. I don't need to explain it to them. They're smart, they can figure it out themselves.

    As for you, I have nothing else to say to you.
  13. Why not make the entire car out of copper? That would be better than zero gauge. :hail2:
  14. In what minority?

    Who is everyone else? I don't think I have seen anyone else pipe up who has actually done enough of this stuff to know. Mostly just "bigger is better" people. It's quite obvious that you guys assume whoever yells the loudest/most/last MUST be right. What a sad way to go through life.

    What proof? All you've shown is more "bigger must be better".

    Documented user testimoney? That's a good one.