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Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by stangnutlx, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Fit 79-04
    Team Z double adjustable upper and lower contol arms
    Fit 96-04
    UPR Chromemoly Kmember with A arms and Coil overs 12/175 spring rate, strange 10 way struts.
    Brand new comes with extra 12/150 front springs.
    Strange 10way rear shocks
    Everything has about 30 miles on them.
    All parts are brand new. Bought over the winter and raced once.

    $1000 for the whole suspension
  2. Are the lower control arms the adjustable ones?

    bill in colorado
  3. yes both upper and lowers are adjustable
  4. And does the lower have the swaybar mount?
  5. no it doesnt
  6. Arrgh if it had the swaybar mounts I'd take them. Here's a bump for you.

    Bill in colorado
  7. Willing to split up the suspension, make offers.
  8. How much for the upper and lower control arms? are the lowers offset or standard? How much for the rear shocks? are they coilovers? Please Pm so i get the message. Thanks
  9. Can I get a pic of the k, arms and coilover kit? Id like to buy them...price?
  10. Have you checked out the PM I sent yet? Thanks
  11. Interested in the shocks and struts. How much for all 4?? PM me with price please.
  12. how old was the OP
  13. This always makes me laugh when people don't check the dates.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.