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  1. So, I have wanted to do this for years, and last night I bit the bullet and registered to go on dragweek 2013.

    So all I have to do between now and september is get my 427 in the car, get the car running with the holley EFI, button up the front suspension, finish rebuilding the rear, make a trailer to haul tires, tools, clothes, and beer, and get some testing on the new motor. OK, im going in the garage now.
  2. you wont do eeeeeeeeet
  3. Im already registered nukka
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  4. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Your car is going to be stupid fast with that 427.
  5. That is one hell of a commitment! Best of luck.. Drag week is not in my budget as much as I would like to participate. I'll have to hang in True Street for now..

    You going to make any of the NMRA races this year?
  6. Yea, i dont know how much its in my budget either, but im getting married next year, so 2014 wouldnt work out. Things are in place right now to do it, and ive been thinking of doing it for long enough, and i even built a motor to fit into the class, so now is the time i just gotta stop thinking and do it.

    I was thinking about the MIR true street. We will see how it goes, it all depends on when the new motor is finished, im hoping i will see that in a couple months, and put it in the car and test the crap out of it.
  7. Awesome, I'll be at MIR for sure! We have had a spot on the vendors midway for the last 2 years @ MIR
    If you can make it out, make sure you stop in.. I'll have the grill going the whole weekend there.
  8. sounds good, i am also thinking about driving from MA to atco as a reliability test for DW. May or may not do that. I dont know about driving thru NYC in the car...
  9. go AROUND nyc
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  10. just take it easy you'll be fine I live here
  11. If your going to Atco, let me know. I'm only about 25 minutes from there and could give you a hand at the track if you would like.
    That's my neck of the woods..
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  12. sounds good. I usually go with a friend on or around black friday, we have met some good friends there
  13. haha 90lxcoupe...reading the title I thought you were going too Joilet, IL for the NMCA. NMCA refers to that event as "Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing". I am seriously looking to attend this years event especially since MI is off the schedule. But anyway good luck! I take it you are going to spray? Did you sell your old set up?
  14. Also good move on playing this year before you are getting hitched! And congratulations!
  15. Thanks man!

    The plan is to run the street race naturally aspirated class. I still have the 345" motor in the car. I am using the motor to mock up the holley efi, LSx coils, and 4150 throttle body. I will get the car running with this setup, and probably make a few passes with it, by then, the 427 i am building should be close to complete.

    I think with the 427 setup, i will be pretty competitive in the class. I believe the CI limit is either 430 or 434 ci, and its basically a true stock suspension, bolt on class. No mini tubs, no fiberglass besides hoods. Should be really fun, just finishing the week will be a win in my mind.
  16. Curious why holley efi? Why not megasquirt?? I would like to go efi eventually and always thought megasquirt was the only way to go for a full aftermarket system.
  17. ^^ HotFox
    In my honest opinion the megasquirt is a good system for a budget minded build. The holley EFI software looks to be incredible and has many more tuning options, I'm hoping to see the software in person soon. I personally run FAST XFI 2.0 and honestly where the megasquirt will work fine for there are so many more functions that other systems have and quite frankly for a more race setup I need. For example: I use the CAN bus for my Digital dash logger and just finished wiring up the ramp retard function to plot a timing graph when leaving off the transbrake to calm the car down out of the hole.

    Like I said before, megasquirt is a good system and I have a buddy who has been very successful with it. Something a little more race oriented I would prefer the ACCel, Holley, Fast XFI, or BigStuff3. From my research and word on the street the new Holley EFI is bad to the bone and the software is the latest and greatest!
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  18. 84Ttop pretty much summed it up

    The MS2 box was great for me at the time because i didnt want to commit to a bunch of wiring, but needed a standalone that was easy to tune. If you dont wanna mess with the stock harness, the MS2 is the way to go.

    Now that im stepping it up a little, i need something with a faster processor, larger fuel tables, and the ability to run a modern ignition without being too complicated. The holley isnt really in the same ballpark as what i was doing before.
  19. I think ill make this my progress thread Noobz347, could you change the title to Drag Week Progress Thread?

    Since its a progress thread now, here is what ive been doing for the last couple months.

    I just threw the airpan on top of the motor to see what it would look like...

    Closeup of the LS coils on the windsor valve cover. I used stock 6.0 truck wires for mockup, and ordered a custom set of Firecore50 wires with a 45 degree boot at the plug, and shortened up a couple of them.
    Here is the motor, fuel system routed, and coolant lines to the heater core, pretty much ready for wiring.
  20. Umm...

    KILLER! 90lxcoupe :nice:

    Motor looks awesome.. I like the LS coils on the valve covers.

    What are you using for a cam pickup?
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