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  1. I am going to use flying magnets in an ATI balancer for a crank trigger, and an explorer cam sync. For the 9.5 deck motor i will use the AEM cam sync, i was going to buy one for this motor too, but it would be a waste of $315 to use it for only a couple months.
  2. Nice, I look forward to seeing it all set up!
  3. you and me both, i cant wait to get it running.
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  5. Thanks Noobz
  6. The LS coil set up is sweet!
    Individual coil packs FTW.
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  7. Got some work done in the last week, the wiring is coming along nicely, i got the box mounted where i want it, i think i have about 6 random wires, plus making up an ignition harness, and wiring the crank trigger and cam sync and the car will be ready to fire up. Pretty excited to see how this thing runs with the holley EFI

    I was going to wait to post pics of progress on the new motor, but ill put some of the parts pics i have up now as a little teaser.

    Crower stainless shaft rockers
    Lunati billet rods
    Isky solid roller lifters,with the EZ roll option
    JE pistons,I would not recommend anyone buy anything from these guys, terrible customer service.
    CHI4.0 intake
    Cleveland Performance Center CNC'd high ports.[​IMG]
    I did a quick mockup to check engine height.[​IMG]
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  9. Ehrmahgherd I'm gonna need some alone time with that engine.
  10. He had a professional take pics for him
  11. mmmm shaft mount roller rockers!!!!
  12. Ill take that as a compliment, i took all the pics myself!
  13. WOW! Not cutting any corners. Nice
  14. Looks like I'm going to need to step up my program to keep up with you! :D
  15. Maybe if your charge pipe fell off or something :nice:
  16. Ok, been a while since ive spent any time on this forum, so lots of updates, i may split it up into a few posts. Im bored right now waiting for my woman to pick me up from work...

    Here is a pic of the crank sensor bracket that myself and my machinist made up. It uses a holley HAL effect sensor, and attaches right to the timing pointer. Very simple, and timing adjustments are made through the computer. The ATI balancer also has the magnets machined into it.


    ok, my rides here, more later on...
  17. Welcome back, thought you fell off the face of the world....
  18. I was just showing this thread to my daughter. I told her that the images above, were jewelry for motor heads.

    I think she understood. :rlaugh:
  19. Thanks, dragweek consumed my whole summer...

    Thats funny, I've told my lady she has an aluminum block on her finger.
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  20. Looking forward to the updates:nice: