Draining 1999 Gt Fuel Tank

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  1. New to forum.

    The fuel pump on my 1999 GT died during winter storage. The tank is full. The anti-siphon prevents draining in the traditional way. Can the tank be drained through the air vent or another way? I am reluctant to drop it when full given the need to maneuver it around the exhaust to get it down.
  2. When I did it I pulled the air vent hose off the tank then used a hand pump and pumped it out. Easy enough
  3. Thanks. I located all connections and have the car jacked up and ready to drop the tank. I'll apply power directly to the pump just to make sure that is the problem. The fuse, relay, and emergency shut-off switch all check out OK and there is power to the harness that feeds the pump.

    This Mustang GT is stock and original and I do not plan any upgrades that would require fuel in excess of the stock gpm. Is a Delphi pump unit and Dorman tank gasket OK choices for replacement parts?

    Can't believe that Dealer wants almost $800 to do this job!
  4. Standard replacement parts will work well for you if you do not plan any future mods. If mods are in your future then look towards upgrading the pump. It's always easier on the wallet and your time to do it once! Good luck
  5. To make sure that the pump was the problem, I put power to it directly from the fully charged battery. The first quick touch to power produced a bit of a "groan". I gave it another quick touch and got what sounded like a half normal rpm spin. The third touch produced a normal spin and I left it on for a few seconds. A check at the fuel rail Schrader valve produced a good squirt of fuel. I reconnected the pump electrical fitting, turned the key and got a normal start-up and running. I took a long ride and the stang performed fine, even to red line. Were the pump brushes just corroded from sitting and needed a full amp boost? This is the first winter that I did not periodically start and warm up the car. I'll get a pressure gauge on it today and if the pressure is normal I am tendng to leave things along for now. Advice?
  6. If it's not broken, then there is nothing to fix.. It is possible that some condensation build up in the tank and corroded the pump. If it's working now than that is all that really matters I suppose. I would advise a AAA membership and keep it in the back of your mind that you may be replacing it sometime in the future.
  7. Thanks. I always have AAA and will have everything ready for an eventual pump R&R.