Draining tank for fuel pump install

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  1. Hey guys,

    curious I am about to install a new fuel pump, and my car is on dead empty. I think a may have a 1/4 gallon of gas in my tank. Do I still need to empty the tank via a hose system, or can i simply drain the tank into a bucket when I remove the old fual pump? :shrug:
  2. I just removed my fuel pump for my Novi kit. After you have the straps removed, you should lower the tank using a jack. Each gallon of gas weighs about 6 lbs. You should be fine with just 1/4 gallon in your tank.
  3. You don't need to drain it all the way. The lighter it is the easier though. I just installed a new pump in my ride a week ago. If this is your first time expect to spend a whole day on it. I have a secret for you that I wish I would have had when I replaced it. The toughest part of the whole job is unhooking the fuel lines from the tank and the fuel filter. You need a special tool that ford sells for around $80 or so (not sure though, didn't buy it). What I did was take a shotgun shell (spent of course) and cut it into two pieces. Leave the non-metal piece about an inch long. Now make a cut down the middle opening it up like a taco. You have to slip this around the line and and push it into the connection to relieve three little fingers that stick out which actually hold the connection together. If you don't have a shotgun shell you can also use a plastic wire connector (you'll have to make cuts and mods to the wire connector too). I had to use both these tools because the connections are different sizes. This literally took me hours to figure out. It sucked I was getting so pissed. Nobody had any info for me on here so I'm glad I can give you some hints.

    Hint #2 After you drop the tank, leave the lines connected to the fuel pump. Remove the pump and take it to a work bench where you can get at the fuel line connections easier.

    Hint #3 When putting the tank back, it is easier to slide the rubber gasket off the the filler neck first. (this is assuming you pulled it all the way out of the tank, if not then don't worry about it), Once you work it back in by itself put some vaseline around the opening as well as the long silver filler neck where it actually goes into the tank. Then just slide the filler neck right back into the tank through that gasket. Easier said than done, but you'll figure it out.

    Hint #4 Replace the fuel filter while your at it.

    Any questions just let me know. Hope this helps. :nice:

  4. You can get that part at an auto parts store for about $11. I just did. Just tell them that you need a fuel line disconnect tool for a Ford.
  5. The hardest part is that fuel line connected to the pump. The turqoise fuel disconnect is slightly too small and the red one is to big. When GI Joe and I were installing the blower on my car, that was the only thing that kicked our butts.