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  1. A photoshop rendering of the next stage of my II project. (5 bolt swap, magnum 500 wheels and a grand slam). Not sure how far I will get this winter, I need to buy a fuel efficent comuter pod-very soon.(Thinking 93 Suzuki Swift GT). Been driving the old Mark Seven 1072km a week, she has 520000km on her and she is costing me $440.00 a month in gas. I Need to move closer to work, but I can't save enough money to move because I am spending all my money on gas!

    WOW I need to get to the garage to see the II, it always reminds me of simpler times.........

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  2. go Turbo Four for your daily driver. They get 4-cyl gas mileage on long commutes, V8 gas mileage in town, and will keep the smile on your face when you need to pass someone or anything like that.
  3. Nice wheels.......I've been thinking about these once I get back to working on the 5 lug conversion.

    As far as mileage, buy a honda insight......or an old geo metro and rebuild it.......they're good for at least 40 mpg +
  4. I was thinking about making a trailer park SVO mustang by combining a 87-93 4cyl fox Mustang with a 87-88 turbo thunderbird driveline. What kind of gas mileage did an 86 SVO Mustang get anyway???

    I think I am going to get another Suzuki. Out of the 33 cars I have had 3 of them have been suzuki's and you really can't kill them. That will save money for the II and the VII (my true love(s)