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  1. Do you guys usethem alot or are they as versatile as the makers make it sound? I need to buy one for a project on my stang (have to do some cuts to the metal). And a Dremel tool sounds like what I need. Now when I go to the Home Depot they have a gigantic kit for like 99 bucks that comes with all kinds of stuff. And by far is the best value. Or I can just buy the tool by itself. I am all in favor of a deal, but I dont want to buy this big kit if it is just going to sit in my garage hidden. Do you guys with them find them very useful?
  2. It can do lots of stuff, but figure the odds of you *needing* to do all that stuff.

    At any rate, you can get the tool itself and then get an accessory kit later. They sell Dremel/knockoff bits and accessories pretty cheap in big collections. I saw a kit with a couple hundred pieces for under $20 on ebay before, and I've seen Dremel replacement bit/pieces kits at Wal Mart and all other places.
  3. thanks manson - BTW your site is a huge help. I used your polishing tips and the wire hiding on my car....looks good.
  4. i couldnt live without the following. Gorrila Glue, Duck tape, die grinder, dremel, and air ratchet. :shrug:
  5. Awesome, I remember your name and talking with you :nice:
  6. Duct...not Duck, sorry pet peeve, i know there is a Company called Duck that makes it though. :p
  7. Actaully...it was oringinally Duct because in WWI they used it to wrapp their ammo bags and they said water rolls off it like water off a ducks back, then they started using if for ducts ...then the company DUCK started making it lol...so technically it could be either :D (this is according to the History Channel)
  8. The Dremel has saved my but on so many different Stang projects that I've lost count. Definitely worth buying.
  9. I've used mine more times than i care to remember. def a good thing to have around. I bought the $40 dremmel and a $20 bit assortment.
  10. Used mine today to alter the center console so that I could remove the shifter w/o having to remove the center console.
  11. Used mine last night to make holes in a tennis ball to put a rope through it and make a dog toy! :)
  12. If you get the dremel, definitely get the flex shaft thing, it can get in a lot tighter places and allows you to get a better, steadier grip on the tool
  13. Werd
  14. Dremel is so useful for lots of things. The cutting discs are what I use the most. I went with the corded one, but the rechargeable would be handy. I just wasn't sure if it would have the same power. GET ONE!!!
  15. I just got one and was amazed by it. it's dam quick for a small tool.

    but I already broke it.

    The switch where you push down that holds the spinning cylinder thing, while trying to use the mini wrench to change the sandpaper holding pin.

    so I am stuck using the same dam sandpaper.

    tha;s the only problem I that I have had.
  16. I own two Dremels (corded and cordless) and honestly could not imagine not having them in my workshop

    Sanding drums and cut off wheels are by far the best bits they make

    As already mentioned I wouldn't buy the mega-kit, just get the tool and the small accessory packs as you need them. Last time I looked Target had the best prices on the Dremels (even a couple bucks cheaper then walmart)