Drifting World Record set in 2010 Ford Mustang

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    Drifting: once a questionable spin in automotive motorsports--is now one of the most popular and neck-turning events around. The most exciting news recently is that Vaughn Gittin Jr. has (unofficially) broken the world's longest drift record...in a 2010 Ford Mustang GT! Just a few months ago, Gittin and 0-60 Magazine toured the United States and landed on the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway where the drifting magic happened. Lighting up a set of Falken Azenis ST-155 tires, Gittin and the 2010 Mustang surpassed the prior drifting distance record of 4,137 feet by posting up 6,285 feet (1.19 miles) in just over 2 minutes of run time. Amazing! Now all we need to see is the Guinness folks recognize the feat and watch the video again...and again......and again. Enjoy!

    Click here to see the video.
  2. Hellz yeah now wait till my old 240 posse see this. Maybe they'll be less critical of my choice now :)
  3. :nice: Like the music with it. :rlaugh:
  4. I'm a little confused. He said that the previous record holder basically did donuts to get the record... Didn't this guy just do the same thing? Sure the donuts were bigger, but a donut is a donut. So I guess he holds the record for the longest donuts...
  5. Donut or not it still looks fun as hell.
  6. Video aside there's a difference between doing a run of the mill donut and a circular drift. The Donut usually involves revving the car up with the steering wheel to one direction and dumping the clutch concentrating only on not spinning into an object and keeping your tires lit up. In circular drifting vehicle control is a lot less course and with a clearly defined direction and scope.
  7. I'm not a drifting expert, but the the impression I got from the guy on the video was that the current record was set by someone doing a donut/drift from a start position without getting up to full speed first like they do in normal drift races.

    The guy challenging this record is saying that he's gone further by getting up to full speed on a short straight first and start the drift like they do during a normal drift race, then, instead of going through a series of left and right drifts he just goes into a constant left handed donut/drift. That's the only difference that he was trying to get across to us I believe.

    What I don't understand is how they can call starting a donut from a non full speed start, drifting. It sounds like the record is based on a guy doing simple donuts simular to how our race drivers begin a donut after winning a race which is from a coasting speed and just punching it. So I'm a little confused I guess. Anyway...that's the way I understood the guys explanation on the video.

  8. uhhhhhh, I think that;s supposed to be "4 20 posse" .......

    as for such a dubious achievement / I congratulate the new record holder with the happy idea that he wasn't waving a Japanese flag when he took his victory lap and that there wasn't a crummy little bowtie on the front of the car either :flag:
  9. Either way; I think I would throw up!!!!