1. im sure that its idiots like you who do hit and runs and damage property or people and drive away because your too scared to get caught

    none of the things are irresponsible. the people who do these things are in control of what they are doing and are not endangering anyone else. When you purposely lose complete control over your car and bring the chance of death or destruction you are becoming the irresponsible one. We all have the privilage of driving and thus are expected to follow the rules. And obviously you are not responsible enough to have this privilage
  2. not power as much as the good LSD.

    they've got those beater AE86's with little hp, cranking corner after corner, sideways the whole way.

    ain't bad.
    more power helps, but it isn't needed.
  3. I said "about as responsible as it gets"
  4. 1. I am responsible enough to admit what I do wrong, if I hit someone I would call the police and an ambulance myself. If I destroyed someone's property I would re-imberse them. I know the consequences and I'm not a **** and I'll stand up for what I do wrong.

    2. I am in just as much control as a person who is drinking. When people are drunk they lose motor skills as well as common sense, I am still semi-in control of the car just as they semi- in control of themselves.

    3. I do not endanger anyone else because No one is ever in the car with me as well as no one is around me. I know my limits and I understand them very well.

    4. You do not know who I am and have no room to criticize me. I do something illegal and that makes me irresponsible, I know that. But everyone in this world is irresponsible in one aspect or another.
  5. I simply think drifting is a stupid way of burning up tires. Pretty dumb if you ask me, slap some stickers on your car and then try to slide around corners? No Thanks
  6. I have no stickers on my car and I do slide around corners. It does waste tires faster but I figure as long as I pay for them, I'm allowed to waste them. As long as I have money to buy more...it's ok because I don't have to worry about riding on bald tires.
  7. I dont have any stickers on my car either. Wait! yes I do. A magnaflow decal. I drift my stang, its not stupid at all, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. haha.. you'll really feel the difference with the LSD. but yea, you get the same if not more of a thrill from driftin than you do with drag, in my opinion ;-)
  8. Yeah, I would love an LSD. I don't have the time or money for it right now. I need to tune up my tranny and get some new sparkplugs and wires. Thats about all I can handle at this date. I figure I should say forget tuning the tranny and see if I could get a manual from the junk yard. But that would require a lot more work than I have time for....only if I won the lottery..............
  9. here here, i want one thing out of a car "performance"
  10. its people like you guys, who go drifting around on public streets, that drive my insurance rates up. :notnice: thanks guys
  11. Not just yours, it's mine too....and with that being said...you should just join us.
  12. I already said that I don't do it around people. You won't see me on any street with houses on it. That makes no sense. I know that "wreckless" driving is stupid. But wreckless driving in a residential is even more stupid.
  13. In a controlled environment, drifting looks like a lot of fun. But it has no place on the streets.

    A 5.0 5 speed would rule the show in drifting. They almost want to drift right from the factory. :D
  14. it is very fun. And I dont drift on streets, I take it straight to the track. Best way to learn ur skills.
  15. Driffing is designed for ricers who can't cut it in the world of competition racing. Ok maybe it was really designed by some dumb @ss people trying to pass other people on a montain hwy in Japan :eek: I just like my version better :D Anyways if I'm going to imatait some kind of foregin sport ( not that driffting is a sport) it's going to be auto cross racing :nice: Dang that sport has it all...you can slide through corners like another so called sport, Go really fast in a dirrection other than straight and compete for a first place prize :banana: The best part about it is you can do it in any car including a 2.3L :D
  16. WTF....Are you saying you practice your driffing skills on a straight track :eek: I just hope your never on the other side of me when the light turns green :nonono:
  17. Just not irresponsible with a 3,000+ car that can kill someone or damage property.
    Now I like to drift as well! I use a 90 Turbo Supra and wide open parking lots with nothing to damage, but my car! You want a corner to reference set up some cones they are a lot cheaper to replace then a some working joes car on the road. Hell you can even steal most of the cones you would need with very little effort. Just throw them in the back of the drifting truck voila you have a drifting course.
  18. Heck if they look hard enough there is probly someone who already has a lot course set up just for drifting etc. This will be less likely to tick off a road worker ;) Just don't go doing like those rice fools a few months back...they was weaving in and out of these cones going down the hwy during day light traffic. It was pretty nice of those dummies to supply video tape for the judge to view :eek:

  19. that is ****ing funnie iam suprised they dident crash into another car...