1. How boring...it have been funny if he got thrown in jail or wrecked :D

    I wonder how come Red hasn't movied this thread over to the 2.3 Talk?
  2. if you like drifting that much you should just move to michigan and drive anything rear wheel in the snow.
  3. no you clown! a circuit track. Not a freakin straight track. How in the world amd i gunna drift on that. I would say in this case.. someone needs to use some common sense. Think about things before u say them.
  4. Common Sense and Driffing in the same post...isn't that like a oxymoron :shrug:

    Common sense would tell me since driffting isn't racing and there for shouldn't have a track. I'm sorry about that but I really don't speak ricer nor do I pretend to understand it. We generaly talk about racing here which is usualy auto cross, circle, or drag. If you really want to discuss this it would probaly go over better with some other forum. I'm sure if you do a search on Honduh you will find a forum on it. Also this is the tech side of this forum and next time try getting yours or who ever posted this to post it in the talk thread.

    P.s Thats Mr. Clown to you :mad:
  5. I hate forigen cars with all my heart BUT I would own a WRX if I lived in Michigan :D
  6. I have a buddy that can drift on straights....he can get the car pretty close to sideways. of course, its not as fun as curves or corners.
  7. Are you talking about that video with the VW's?
  8. Well.. call it however you want it. Im not gunna argue on here about this. Everyone has their own opinion about what they think racing is. And they wouldnt lable somethin racing if it wasnt. but whatever, as long as I get a thrill out of it, and i gain respect for knowing how to control a car besides in a straight line, its all good with me! :owned:
  9. Ya there was like 6-10 of them. One had a video camra mounted on it's side and someone else had a camara also. Now I'm sure it was a illeagel for the cops to take the take but it was still funny :D
  10. Again; Driftting and control in the same post is like another oximoron :nonono:

    I give up...loosing control of your car is gainning control of your car? In order for your friends to think your cool if you live long enough :shrug: I'm so glad I don't give a crap about respect and how others feel about me. This allows me to live my life the way God intended me to, free to think for my self :nice:

  11. until then you might think about what that ticket might add up to... wreckless operation, noise violation for squealing tires, and not to mention speeding...its probably fun and everything, but just a fore warning that if your not careful you'll be in some poop.
  12. Are loose complete control and kill him self or someone else. If your going to do stuff like this, keep it on a track of some sort.
  13. well guess ill throw my opinion in on this one. i think it is irresponsible and very dangerous to do it on the street. but it is one of the coolest looking racing out there. smoke pouring out of the back while they still keep control of the car it looks awsome. i think they need to make it a little more indepth though by making more to it other than seeing who can get more sidewayz. i have tried it in the mall parking lot of course when there close so no cars or people are there and never on the street just because i cant afford a ticket and could not live with myself if i killed some one for acting stupid.
  14. Drifting is fun, and racing is fun. Here is what I like to do sometimes as well...

    When I used to live in Washington I would take my dads civic out in the snow. Put some Studded snow tires on the front and/or cables. Find yourself a parking lot and go at it. You can drive sideways for as long as you want and whip it around to. Granted your going at speeds less that 25 MPH. It is safer and less expensive than real drifting.

    Everytime I take the stang out in the rain it seems like I am in a drifting comp. Its hard to keep that thing straight once boost kicks in.

    This argument will go on for eternity. I bet if a survey was done, the majority of the people against drifting are of the "older" generation. When they were young I'm sure people ****ed at them for being unsafe as well....its a way of life.
  15. ah I love drifting. Of course you have to make sure no one is around before you really go nuts, but on some street corners I'll kick the rear out a bit to negotiate a turn with all-wheel-steering.

    Gonna put an LSD in that thing (mostly for mud and snow traction), Ford Racing sells a 7.5" trac-lok for 200 bux.

    I respect someone who can drift a car well, it demonstrates complete control over the vehicle you're driving when you can break the wheels loose, orient the car perfectly, and smoothly transition back to full grip. You don't learn that kind of thing from going in straight lines, it'll save your ass if you are in a situation where someone else would lose control or if you get stuck in snow. Plus it's fun!
  16. midgets (and all dirt track cars for that matter) have been "drifting" for a long long time. Except thats racing..... cuz theres a finish line.... and you run laps..... and the first person to cross the finish line wins...... not what idiot comes closest to rolling his moms mini van in the 7-11 parking lot. your guys are retards for doing that crap on the street.
  17. :lol:

    Thats what I'm saying. If you are like the few of us who don't like going straight or simply just can't aford a fast drag car. Then try sports like dirt circle track racing, open road racing or autocorss. These both envolve driffting at some point and includes a finnish line. The cool thing is in most cases you can use your own car like a 2.3L stang with little work done to it to qualify.
  18. i've never heard better words in my life :hail2:
  19. Ricers :rolleyes: