1. lol.. im no ricer guy. I love american muscle. I just like blending the 2 cultures. If the japanese can put a skyline sideways, I can put a mustang sideways. :nice:
  2. Ricer :rolleyes:
  3. haha... just for you i'll lable the car, "American Rice". I guess you could say it is rice though, all the JDM stuff I have on it.
  4. Click on my link...it clearly states I already use the Name "American Ricer" :nonono:

    I call my SVO "American Ricer" ( Nick names Rice Eater) since it's a American car thats powered by a 4cl. This HotRoding 4cl has been around in American cars for decades. The reason it didn't stick was all about money and our crapy Government. The cost of these cars was out rageous back in the day, a SVO cost like 15k more than a GT which ran neck in neck with the GT. Almost all the fast small motor cars/trucks was this way. Then forigen companies started importing these small cubed cars for a fraction of the cost, which is where our Government failed us. There should be a incase on all imported goods to make them near or same as the American version. This keeps import markets from closing down American companies. Now days in order for American companies to compete with imported goods, they have to farm parts to other countries to be maded cheaper. This is one reason why I will almost die before I own a import car of ANY kind. I can not stand to see in the news where some American plant worker is out of work because his company shipped the plant over seas.

    Ok I'm through complaining lol
  5. lol.. I SAID AMERICAN RICE, not riceR. But anyways.. yea :owned:
  6. :scratch:
  7. lol.. nevermind, new conversation. So, I really would like to get my car back up in running. I was drifting good!
  8. Are you trying to say I'm boring ? :D

    Ok lets say I don't buy into this whole driffting thing but I noticed you got a boosted car. Now bare with me on this and yes this may sound a little dumb.

    I was wondering how a boosted car reacts to this type of driving? I mean the more boost, the more power, the greater the risk of loosing control. So do you simply keep the motor in the same RPM range during the whole event or just let off of the gas a little once it gets a little too loose?
  9. no guy, im not saying ur boring at all. But no, see.. the more power you have, the better you can hold a drift and the longer. And you actually steer the car with the rear wheels more than you would with the front. And the more power you have, the faster you can spin the wheels to keep the car in a decent motion. And more power doesnt really make u break the car loose, it just makes it easier to spin the wheels. And going into the judging, you are awarded points on how much tire smoke you produce.. and like I said, the more power you have, the faster you spin the wheels and the most you can hold n do it. But yea, it is a lot easier to kick out the rear end of a car when you got more power goin the the back wheels.

    You control the turn by the way you act on the throttle... i'll post links on here with videos so u can listen at how they gas the cars around corners.
  10. [professor] Throttle-induced oversteer. [/professor]
  11. You're to kind :D

    I've seen it done before. I use to watch a lot of those car build up shows, including the imports. They would from time to time show some driffting. I'm not a huge import fan but being a owner of a powerful 4cl I can appreicate small engines including the imports to some degree. The general group in which I don't get along with is those who does circus show stunts that may cause a bad wreck and those who think a huge muffler adds 100hp. There is a nice group of ricers out there that in my book has got a very bad rep from these circus stunt show offs. The really funny thing is that this group of series import owners are basicaly the only ones who except a SVO in my community :eek: The general GT crowd around here would drown if it rained by the way they hold their noises up around a SVO :rolleyes: It's almost like they don't think it should have the name mustang on it. :(
  12. :bang: are they some kind of fools!? I'd give almost anything to have an SVO.
  13. SVOs are nice until time to replace the lower ball joints :eek: :bang: :(
  14. Ya know man, I don't think I've ever really "bashed" anyone here on Stangnet, but you definetly just earned the honor of being the first :mad:

    First off I can't begin to tell you how STUPID and SELFISH that comment is right there. You understand that you could possibly hurt or kill someone and your response is "I do it because it looks cool, its fun, and dangerous. I enjoy adrenaline." As far as what you said about not doing it when people are around, IMO that is pry just :bs: to not make you look bad.

    You are truly a sick individual, and not for drifting on streets but for that comment. Drifting on the streets, in most cases, I can attribute to being young and dumb and most people mature and are lucky enough to never cause serious damage to themselves or someone else. :bang:

    Now that I've flamed you, all I can say MustangLXT is that I hope that comment you made was another brain lapse because I really HOPE that is not a TRUE reflection of the person you are, maybe if you saw that comment from my point of view you will understand why it makes you look so bad.

    Anyways man, do your drifting and stuff on the track (or whatever people here wanna call it) because trust me, something bad WILL happen on the street or in empty lots, it has a way of happening, and no one wants to see another stang lover like yourself (or a bystander) injured from that man.
  15. 5.0_GT_kid

    Well I'm not usualy the type of person to flame someone.............So why do it now :jester:

    J/K anyways I had to say I like your saying in your sig :rlaugh: I guess being a 4cl driver I'm totaly screwed...I make enough hp to hit the wall but no torque to get out of the patch of falling bricks :eek:D
  16. My car slides around when I drive on gravel roads and I can always control it, so I guess that makes me a rally racer right?
  17. Thanks Pro-Hawk :rlaugh: If it makes you feel better you have twice as many stangs as I do and SVO's rock :nice:
  18. true drifting on the streets is alittle impossible.

    just getting your rear ended loose and spinning sideways is not drifting.
  19. well it depends on where you are really. I drift anywhere I can. So question, do you people think a fox stang would make a good drift car? Why or whynot?
  20. Here I go again :(

    This is the only time I talk smack about what people do to their mustangs, well there is the dual exhaust on a 4cl issue :D Anyways, If you want rice, why not go buy rice and sell your car to someone who could give it a better home :shrug: