1. Has Honda put anyone out of business? I think big government has put the American auto worker(and a lot of other American workers as well, do they even make Levis in the states anymore?) out of business by granting tax cuts to business owners/corporations who send their factories overseas, so instead of paying a fellow American citizen $20/hr. to put the dashboard in a 'stang(for instance) they can pay some guy $2 a day to do the same job in southeast asia or some other remote locale. Since we are normalizing relations with Vietnam at such a rapid pace, with American manufacturing jobs disappearing even quicker, is it atleast a possibility that the 2012 Mustang will be assembled in a new Ford Hanoi assembly plant? And lets just make sure to have CGI Jane Fonda to be on the commercial right?

    The American dream is dead and my parents generation(entering 60s now) will be the last one to see Social Security. 1940s,50s,60s,70s,etc. dollars are not gonna cover todays (and tomorrows) bills, its called inflation. Not to speak of the record debt, much of which seems to be owed to China, the other superpower, currently contracting the Russians to modernize their Navy/Air forces with you guessed it American dollars, anyone shop at Walmart, or any dollar store chain?

    I'm going to stop my rant now, darn that felt good!


  2. That is funny.
  3. why would the American gov give and incentive to loose money :scratch: Listen first off the goverment doesn't give a company a tax break for setting up over seas, they stand to loose billions in tax dollars doing this. The reason companies move over seas is because of two reasons: Yes you guessed half way right by saying American Government. The Gov simply taxes the [email protected]# out of people which forces them to set up shop out side of the US in order to compete with the cheaper imported goods. When people buy the cheaper imported goods they are only supporting the decline of an American company. There is no two ways about it.

    The deffenittion of an American car is one the is 70% assembled in the US. I'm sure 90% of the parts made for a Mustang is actually made out side the states. So if people continue to buy imported cars Ford will start importing Mustangs for them to buy :rolleyes:

    As for Fonda, that [email protected]#$ is another story.

    The American dream is crushed by people buying out side of the states mostly and secondly by big buisnesses. When Social Security started there was about 10 people paying in for one person on it. Now that every da#@ person has put there hands in it and givin it to everyone and their dog. There is about 3 people now paying for one person on it. The only way the government can fix it, is to keep upping the retirement age :rolleyes: It will be around the age of 75 when I get to thinking about retirement. I guess I should forget it since the avg life span for guys is 70.

    Now this deal with China and the National dept. I thought Clinton payed those guys off when he gave the the plans for the ICBM's?
  4. Plan to work up until the day you die. I, however plan to publish a novel at some point...and I believe the "mark of the beast" will show up in my lifetime anyway. So, martyrdom is my retirement plan.

    "I will not recant, Jesus Christ is Lord."

    They want it all you know? Anyway if you study Bible prophecy, America is not really mentioned at all in the symbolic references. I believe America will fall to the Chinese. If God allowed the Babylonians to crush his chosen people (his bride Israel) for their sins, what will God do to America, who is filled with pride and hypocrisy?
    Wake-up Church!

    "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty look before a fall." - Proverbs 16:18

    God's recommendation for America is humility and meekness of heart and repentance, it must begin with the Church!

    Remember the lesson of Nineveh, who God sent Jonah to prophecy against. And when rebellious Jonah finally obeyed the Lord, and preached against that city, they repented and God spared them of the terrors laid up against them.
    But, how soon they forgot, for the next generation of Ninevites forgot the repentance of their forebearers and the mercy of God, and fell right back, committing even worse sins than the ones their fathers had repented of, and that generation and that great city were cutoff, uprooted and destroyed.

    Is America better than Nineveh?

    "And should I not spare Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle?" - the Lord speaks to the prophet in Jonah 4:11
  5. I've been retired for about a 1 1/2 already and it's boring :(

    why them greedy bast#$s :mad:

    OMG you mentioned Church/God are you crazy...thats an American sin to mention that stuff :rolleyes: Do I believe we would fall to out siders, yes we have fallen from Gods grace if you ask me.

    Humility does great things for those who learn it. I'm not all that big on Chruch my self, I've seen to much of that bad translation of the bible along with the Preachers 6 figured incomes. I've spent all my life building a personal relationship with Jesus and I hope he remains my families friend for life. This reminds me it's almost the time for the most important Birthday of the year...
  6. How old are you? :)

    Remember, Jesus preached that tradition must die. The Church by and large does not seem to have grasped that. The spiritually elect of God know what the Word means because they have humbled themselves and asked God to explain it to them by the Holy Spirit, possible only after accepting/receiving Christ's atoning blood. As per preachers with 6 figure incomes: can they say that all their neighbors needs have been met? Who is your/my neighbor? Anyone who needs your/my help.
    The Church in America for the most part(not a blanket statement) seems to have become comfortable and lazy, slothful, and maybe even arrogant. There is an old hymn that talks about the Lord observing that many want to crowd around His table, but who will work in His fields?

    If the Church were operating at full power, would there not be conviction of sin in the land and revival following? The Book of Acts attests to the power of a fully mobilized Church, where are these "acts" today? I believe we shall see them again, but only when the Church gets down to business, when we can ask God to show us for real "what will it take to bring revival to this land?"
    And I tell you what, if 9/11 was'nt enough to make the Church get down to business, what will it take? Has this society so jaded us?

    Amen and so be it!
  7. I just turned 30 ;)

    It's a long sad depressed forced to tempuraly retire family has problem story :( If I had my way about it I would no dought still be working and I long for the days I get back to it. In the mean time I have started back to school since this does not conflict with anything and I live a few blocks from the Jr College.
  8. Open mouth insert foot? :D
  9. Yeah we have a big problem with the Chinese. Personally I will spend 10 times more money on a product made in this country but that doesn't go for everyone else. My mother thinks that Wal-Mart is the only place you can find anything, and if everything in there is made in China, too bad. Even if she was faced with a choice, I'm pretty sure she would go the "smart consumer" route. :rolleyes:

    We could end free trade, but then everyone is gonna get up in arms and say that the government is infringing on the rights of people. What the hell, we don't let you run back and forth across borders but no one has a problem with that? That's because the freedom Americans are given applies, yes that's correct, in AMERICA.
  10. I guess you missed the part where I said a "REAL RACER" uses it as a tool. I guess I should of expected people to say something like this believing driffting is a race :rolleyes:

    OMG...will this crap ever die :mad: I got people on 5.0 talk thinking a Honduh is cool and 2.3 guys wanting to drifft :rolleyes: I'm sure you didn't sign up with Stangnet to hear me grip but I signed up on a mustang forum to talk msuatngs. The only ricer crap I really want hear about is one getting hosed down. Dang it, you people got me so ticked off I'm going to go hose down a few Honduhs :nice:

  11. I thought I had read in another thread you were 30, somehow when you said you were retired I imagined someone much older, like late 50s. But hey, I just turned 30 too, have to constantly remind myself not to refer to myself as old.
    Looks like you are making the best of a bad situation going back to school and all.

    "And we know that all things are working together for good to them that love God and are the called according to His purposes."- Romans 8:28
  12. Yup, I think you and me ( October) turned 30 around a month or so of each other :banana: I will admit I'm old when a) my son is old enough to drive or b) I got grand kids :eek:

    As for going to school, it helps me stay sane :D I'm a creature of habbit and not getting up every day going to work would kill me. I lost my job a while back and I fell a part. It was great the first week but then I became like the walking dead :eek: I refuse to turn in to that again :D
  13. Yeah, when I re-dedicated my life to Christ 7+ years ago I was jobless for a month. I had walked off a perfectly good job, because my manager made me mad, but that was one of the things that caused me to get pinned in a corner so dark- all I could do was cry out to Jesus!
  14. What suspension mods are needed for drifting?
  15. Pretty much the exact same mods you have listed in your sig.
  16. drifting is gay :lock: :lock: :lock:
  17. holy chit!! talk about an old thread!

    the best mod for drifting would be to watch "F&F: Tokyo Drift" a million times and buy an import, stupid chicks will think youre hot at least. While the people who know a thing or two will know youre stupid. If you like sliding around corners at high speeds, take up rally racing. You get to race, and power-sliding a 4wd is much funner.
  18. thats awesome!
  19. can someone find the video of the one kid in his FWD car that tried to drift around a corner but hits the curb sideways and flips his car? the girl who was filming just scrams "oh my god!" its so damn funny. someone please find it!