Drilled/slotted rotors...

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  1. Go with plain rotors, or slotted.
  2. Would they even fit your year? If you are going to get some new rotors and don't want rust, buy some 2-pieces with the hat.
  3. They don't look to bad actually if I didn't have all brand new stuff from when I did my Bullitt conversion I would think about those. I also think that just straight up Power Slot rotors are probably the best way to, the cross drilling adds some bling but at the end of the day probably won't help to much.
  4. yeah, i dont really do hard braking.....i mostly want them for looks.....
  5. I think if you look around you can find better. I could remember seeing the 1-peice for $270 for the front somewhere.

    The 2-peices are still WAAAAAY too expensive :(
  6. whats the difference between the 2 peice and the 1??
  7. n/m.....juss searched....
  8. I just did cross drilled brembo rotors, just up front, not in the rear yet. They are zinc plated. I bought them from tire rack.


  9. I dont like those gold plated ones... they just look dirty all the time to me..
  10. Those are pretty sharp. I just don't like how they are gold in colour, wouldn't with my car at all since it's silver!
  11. yeah....i wanna get em zinc coated....
  12. I have the power slot slotted/dimpled rotors, love the look hate the sound. when I drive it sounds like a kids bike with a card stuck in the spokes, drives me crazy.
  13. i have slotted and crossdrilled on mine with EBC greenstuff pads, stop alot better than stock and does occasionally squeel until i get everything heated up..
  14. well i think imma order the rotorpros.....are they hard to install???