Drilling Holes In Fuel Pump Basket

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  1. Im going to be doing the PPRV delete next friday and I never did drill any holes in my basket. So, im just curious...how many holes do I drill? How big? and, where do I drill them?

    I saw a pic of a guys pump basket with what looked like two 1/2 " holes in the front? Does this sound right?
  2. I watched a you tube video where the guy drilled 3 holes in the base of the basket. He also removed the metal screen and some other dime sized cover that was in the bottom. I think I found the video by searching in google for "Kenne Bell Boost a Pump vs. JMS Powermax. The search should yield this video as the first or second article. Showed him drill it and test the drilled basket with BAP and JMS. JMS worked a lot better. I ordered mine today.
  3. Hey Super, did you ever get around to drilling the basket? If so, how did you do it and how did it turn out? Saw where you figured out the hiccup with the pprv.

    I just bought my Powermax fuel pump booster and I am thinking abut doing the pprv removal and maybe drilling the basket in the future.

    Let me know how its going?
  4. Yes I ended up drilling the basket last Friday while doing the PPRV delete. Couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. I know long have any hesitation between gears and my car pulls super hard all the time.

    I ended up drilling 4 holes in the basket that were 7/8 and I made the existing hole 7/8 aswell. So a total of 5 7/8 holes in the basket.

    If you ask me, this is a must have mod for a boosted 2v and all my buddies with cobras have also done pprv deletes.

    Hope my info helps you out!

    here is a pic of the basket

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  5. Is there any fuel level restrictions by drilling the holes, especially the ones on the side? By that, I mean do you have to keep the gas tank full to over a quarter tank, half tank or something along those lines.

    Nice to see you got that done. I'm thinking that may be in the works for mine as well.

    I just put my JMS Powermax on today. I think I did it right. I wired to without the hobbs switch (computer controls it and its always boosting). The light blinked slowly while the ignition was on and only blinked fast when I adjusted the control knob setting. No CELs and the car ran fine on the short drive I took afterward.
  6. Not that I know of. I rarely have my car under 1/2 tank though lol
  7. If you have felt the PPRV hiccup before it will drive you crazy. It takes the fun out of driving the car. For me, doing the PPRV delete was almost as fun as the supercharger itself lol
  8. I know of the hiccup. But the problem has only been intermittent for me. I got a centri and don't get into the boost too too often. But I have had days where I was cruising along or stepped on it and the car falls on its face for just a second before getting its sh#t together and taking off.
  9. If my car went above 4000rpm in 2nd, it would hiccup after my shift to third. It drove me insane! Only downside to it all is I now have to prime my car 2 times on a cold start, which, really isnt a big deal.

    Glad my info has helped you out!
  10. BTW, if you do this, get the KB FRPS Disc. It would such to blow the FRPS....they arent cheap!
  11. I have no idea what that is. First I'm hearing of it. What's that?...and where do I get one?
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  12. What the heck is a PPRV delete?? Also what do you mean you drill holes in the basket? Sorry I just want to understand.
  13. This all started in a different thread. I had to ask the same questions.

    PPRV is a small valve that is built into the factory fuel lines inside the fuel pump module (or basket). PPRV delete removes the valve and replaces the crappy factory fuel lines inside the basket with regular rubber fuel lines.

    Drilling the basket is drilling holes in the bottom or sides of the fuel pump module housing (basket), to allow more fuel to enter the basket faster and get to the fuel pump. All in all it keeps the fuel pump submerged in fuel when there is a high fuel consumption rate (i.e. a forced induction or high performance application).

    Check out the above pic from Superstang. The large quarter sized holes were drilled into the housing. It was originally solid and hole free.
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  14. @superstang
    I ordered the KB FRPS disc from D'Agastino Racing.
  15. Nice! Some people do fine without it. I ended up buying a spare FRPS to throw in the glove box, but i have not had any problems yet...maybe because I am running the FRPS disc? Who knows...

  16. Positive Pressure Relief Valve. From what I understand its made to hold fuel in the lines after the car is shut off. What it also does is relieve all the fuel pressure from the fuel system if there is a pressure strike. Its common on boosted applications. The sudden drop in fuel pressure causes the car to "hiccup" and fall on its face briefly.

    And the reason I drilled holes in the basket is so the pump doesnt run out of fuel. There is only a tiny hole the the pump basket from the factory which really doesnt cut it when putting out 400rwhp with a bigger pump.
  17. Thanks guys I appreciate it!
  18. I am currently running the gas out of my car to pull the pump, drill the basket, and delete the fprv valve. Also going to remove the stock fuel lines from inside the basket.
  19. I drilled the basket, replaced the oem line with the FPRV, and installed the KB FRPS disc.

    undrilledbasket.jpg drilledbasket.jpg

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  20. Nice! Have you had a chance to test it out yet?

    Looks good!