Drive it hard!!!

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  1. I almost never have it in gear coming to a light unless I know its going to change to green very shortly. Its a hellauva lot easier & cheaper to replace brake pads & rotors than a clutch. Clutchs are designed to change gears, not slow the car down. I;m sure not everyone knows how to rev match correctly, or even etf it means, so if done without rev matching downshifting is extra wear on the syncros.

    And if you wanna hear what your engine sounds like pull it into a garage and rev it.
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    The motor's in these things can take the punishment no prob, but the tranny's are for ****! Be careful on the hard shift's or you will bend shift forks and/or trash syncro's in a hurry. Since you're out of warranty (unless you bought extended), that's a pricey fix. Just my .02.

    ummm, I believe this dude drives a 99 cobra?
  3. The tranny is probably the weaker part. As far as the motor goes; make sure it's up to operating temps before you hit it hard. That doesn't mean as soon as the coolant temp is warmed up. It takes longer before the oil is fully warmed up. Install an oil temp gauge or just drive it for 10 miles or so (at normal pace).
  4. AMEN. :nice: :hail2:
  5. Its funny, when I first saw this thread I thought nothing of it, but now I realize how different our oppinions are on beating on a car. I really feel that any cobra mustang should be built tough enough to be driven enthusiastically. I think that does not mean taking it to the track every weekend or doing constant brakestands and donuts, but what enthusiastically means to me is, driving it as hard as you legally can on the street, all while useing proper driving techniques, using the clutch, taking your foot off the gas when shifting, and rev matching, but the thing I don't get is why the trannys can't handle 6k rpm shifts all day long. If it's shifted properly I don't see why not. My stock 95 gt got driven same as my 99 cobra does, but I have already gone through 2 t45's, what the hell gives? Is it because this car just makes that much more power and is that much more sophisticated? And I def. don't really think it is possibly to own a cobra and not GET ON IT, and I mean get on it! :nice:
  6. Legally? :(