"Drive" pretty kewl new show

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  1. Is anyone else watching this new show on tv called drive? It started yesterday, and will keep playing mondays at 8pm. And so far it is a pretty kewl show. They just introduced a hemi charger (original) and they had a bounty hunter in a roush i think 05+ GT. And some other loser in an older transam/firebird.
  2. The scenes with new Charger battling the old Ford truck was okay. I still don't get why the Charger stalled and he kept the truck. :shrug: The Challenger scene was awesome at the end of last night's show.

    That said, all the stuff about Florida was ridiculous. We don't have mountains for one thing.
    I also hated the fact that something super dramatic would happen before each commercial break. It makes the show too much like a Soap Opera, just like the intro song does.

    That said, I'll keep DVRing it to see if they introduce anymore cool cars. The Challenger is cool, but that's about it. The Taurus isn't even an SHO. :nonono:
    Do you remember the other Fox show Fastlane? Now that show had some nice cars.
  3. Now if I remember correctly, he never had a chance to get out of the truck on the side of the highway, the guy pulled out a gun. And after that at the gas station he just went into the bathroom quick to save the girl, then the charger never showed up again. Besides they ****ed that charger up pretty bad, when he was trying to stop the truck. I wish I could be apart of something like that, except a legal version instead of the illegal version, I am not into the whole getting arrested or speeding tickets thing.
  4. The girl heads toward the truck at the gas station, and he says something like, "We're not taking that. We're in a race, right?" So they hop in the Charger and do a hard 180* in reverse then it stalls. The next scene they're in the truck in Jupiter.
  5. Damn I guess I missed that
  6. No a bad show for entertainment purpose only. It probly won't have any more cool cars.
    I'll keep DVRing it also.