Driveline Length

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  1. What Length Drivelines Everyone Running With T-5 Swaps And 302,s.and Does The Rear End 8 Or 9 Inch Differ The Shaft Length?. I Am Running An 8 Inch Currie Posi.need To Order An Aluminum Driveline And They Cant Tell Me What Size I Need .
  2. What? No prices?

  3. :lol: How's that saying go...if you have to can't afford it :rlaugh:

    Naw I'm just joking, I haven't used those guys but they do have a good reputation. LIke I said in another post, I got my shaft from I was well under $300 and I had it in a week fully custom :)
  4. Considering they probably have an infinite amount of driveshaft combinations it would be hard to provide pricing.

    I paid:

    $240 for aluminum shaft
    $43 for 2 solid u-joints
    $57 for a slip yoke for my C-4 at the time
  5. me want carbon fiber....for the hell of it
  6. You need to measure it for yourself, that's the only way you can do it. They can't tell you what it is, you need to tell them.