Drivetrain Driveline Noise

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  1. Hey guys, Daniel here

    I have an issue with my driveline sounding like a bus, or it has straight cut gears. Its a high pitch wine. The trans is stock as far as I kno. Has Upgraded clutch, cable, short shifter, etc. when I let off the throttle it wines down then goes away. If I keep a constint throttle, it stays. Also when I accelerate. But it sounds exactlly like a school bus and how there driveline sounds when your rideing. Any suggestions or ideas?
  2. Does it sound like it is coming from the rear of the car? If the rear end gears have been changed and not set correctly, they can make a whining noise.
  3. could be something in the trans. does it do it in every gear. under load in neutral exc...
  4. I have same noise in the rear, mostly on first gear ( automatic ) or low speed like under 15mph. at high speed or after second gear ( automatic :( ) no noise. Im thinking because im using thick gear oil 75w140 mobil 1. in a month or 2 imma change it back to regular 80w90 valvoline durablend.
  5. Usually that's a rear end noise. Also could be the bearing on the leigh shaft in the transmission is a little worn giving you slack in the leigh shaft.

  6. It sounds more like from the trans. The rear does a grind like sound when I go around curves. It has 4:10 gears and a full posi. The noise is a high pitch, and only does it when I get up to a certain speed like past 15mph and does it when I accelerate(gets louder the higher thr rpms), when I cruze at a constant speed, and when I let off the throttle it whines down a few seconds then goes away. They only thing I can compare it to is a racecar(lemans) with straight cut gears in the tranny, but not as loud. There is a video on youtube. Type in racecar with straightcut gears. Thanks so far for all the info and help. Im trying to be as discriptive as possible.
  7. what year is your car does it have an electric fan or clutch fan mounted to waterpump. I have had the fan clutch lock up on one of my foxes and it sounds like a bus literally as you drive it and it is always hard to tell where the sound comes from.
  8. Sorry, its a 94 gt 5 speed, electric fans. Ok I got it on the lift today and checked it out a little. The fluid in the trans and rear are good and clean. The driveshaft has marks/ cuts were something has been rubbing it and made grooves. But nothing has been rubbing, its like it came from another car. But that might cause a vibration not a whine right?
  9. That absolutely might cause a vibration or whine. You can put new U-joints in the stock driveshaft and have it rebalanced, or just get an aluminum one.