Driver 3 will definitely have some Mustangs to drive!!!!!

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  1. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: There just can't be enough bananna's for this. :banana:

    For those who don't know, several years ago they came out with a game series on Playstation 1 called Driver. It pioneered the 3D car chase platform and is responsible for the familiar look on games like Grand heft Auto today for the PS2. Well, the original series teased us with an incredible video clip at the start of the game showing a guy stealing a 68 Coupe and running form the law. Once you started to play the game though, you quickly learnt that there were no stangs inside the game (though lots of cool muscle cars). :(

    Many complained and it was blamed on liscense issues that they were pulled. Now flash forward 2 more games and the first to be on the PS2 platform, Driv3r (Driver 3) comes out this summer and the website is full of video clips showing real mustangs racing around and blending into videogame footage of the same cars. One decidely hot car looks very much like a 69' Sportsroof! :banana: Granted minor tweaks have to take place to protect the not so innocent, for example grill looks like a Camaro one slightly, and tail lights look like a Shelby race coupe, but regardless, it should be fun to get behind the wheel of a getaway Mustang!

    To check them out go to and click on vehicles for the virtual look, or go to the gauntlet to view the previews released to date that show actual footage merging with the game. The real car looks more like a 67' which doesn't surprise me with all the Ellie madness still going on, but hey, whatcha gonna do.

    EDIT: BTW, the best clip (from a Mustang aspect) so far is from Jan 23rd called file 1 of 3, but the realtime version isn't working right, at least for me, so you may want to try the windows media version first.
  2. oooo that looked awesome. The plot seems a little TOO close to Gone in 60 Seconds though...
  3. SWEET!!! I remember playing Driver 2 and I would always go get the "eleanor" look-a-like car in the baseball statium. Good times.

  4. i luved driver 2, i liked how the armored truck sounded like a powerstroke diesel...
  5. man i want a ps2 so bad, specifically so i can play some good racing games, a buddy of mine got me hooled on driver 1 a few years back, and i have been jonseing for a playstation ever since, when i finally get one my first 3 game purchase are going to be all 3 of the driver games, but the way my luck runs there will be a 4th and 5th version by the time i get one, i have asked for a ps2 and nothing else for x-mas from my wife the last 3 years and always get something else at the last minute so we can my daughter another Barbie playhouse or something like that. oh well one day, MAYBE :shrug:
  6. I have been waiting for Driver 3 for a loooonnnggg time... I always hated Driver 1, cause I hated doing that driving test in the garage.
    But at this point, I am looking forward to Gran Turismo 4... I am hoping the put the Shelby Mustangs back in, like they had in Gran Turismo 2.
  7. Oooh Oooh....... me want, me want :D
  8. Well, yes and no. That was really just a comercial ploy I think. If you know the series, than you know that unlike Grand Theft Auto, the main charracter Tanner is actually a deep undercover cop posing as a getaway driver, but is so deep that other cops and feds have no idea.
  9. :scratch: Hunh? It's been a while, but I thought the hidden stadium car was the Yellow and Black Daisy Duke look alike car that everyone moaned about in the first game because they featured it in the commercials and on the game box, but not anywhere in the game?
  10. Awe c'mon, the test was agravating but fun and so rewarding, "Hey man, watch the paint!" To me the toughest part was that last level in hard mode, The Presidents Run. Now that was frickin tough! I still saved the replay of when I finally beat that and watch it occasionally for inspiration. And all those great side games that got revealed, like the Survival mode. There is something about being thrown into the middle of 100 crazed high speed cop cars chasing after you like a cop killer that is just :bang:

    I still like the original over #2 even though 2 was more interactive.
  11. they did, we have had gt4 preordered for like 4 months now, and I looked it up to make sure, i think theres like 5 or 6 DIFFERENT mustangs on it :) i hope they put a 65 fb on there :)
  12. They finished the whole movie of "Run the Gauntlet" , its defiently cheezy, but its still cool to watch the half elanor run thru the streets. oh, and both driv3r and GT4 will own :hail2:
  13. "Burnout 3" is also going to have some classics in there. Seeing the new screenshots, it looks like a '68 GT500. This time they hve hoods and doors flying open in crashes. If you haven't played Burnout 2, go try it.
  14. Yeah, the gauntlet could have been a little more exciting for sure,buit some nice stunts anyway. I like hearing the cop coming but seeing him over shoot the first turn and come fliping by as the car gets away.

    Hey, anyone else notice that in the very begining of the intro that the moving car parts they are printing the info on bewtten the first scenes like name and director and such looks an awful lot like the new 05' concept car? Watch the grill and nose scoop and head lights carefully. Definetly looks that way to me.

    All I know is I put down my first game deposit in like 4 or 5 years. I simply have to get this game as soon as it releases in June. I am just all played out with Vice city now, and the chance to drive this 69'ish Mustang is just too good to pass up. Hell, I'm even siked at the look of some of the Vette like cars. :banana:
  15. Glad to see they are making it for Xbox.