Drivers side head light issue


Feb 3, 2021
I am having an issue with my drivers side head/fog/amber light.
I first notice the turn signal was lighting up and thought my bulb was out. Looked at the headlight and it was lighting up but very dim. and the drivers side fog light was out. turned of the head lights and just had the running lights and fog lights on. the drivers side fog light worked fine but the drivers side running light was dimmer then the passenger side. When I turn the high beams on the passenger high beam comes on but none of the other lights change, pass fog light doesn't go out, drivers side fog light stays off, drivers side head light doesn't change.
tried to look at the wiring and the only thing I have found so far was a random sensor chilling under the stock battery location down by the coolant hoses. I don't think it has anything to do with the lights but have not found out what it is yet.


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