Driveshaft bolt size?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TheUser, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Anyone know the size of the driveshaft bolts? I'm missing one, so I pulled one out and went to lowes...tried it in a few of the sizing things and 1/2-13 seemed to work and none of the others were close, so I got a 1/2-13 bolt and it doesn't go in.
  2. Probably a metric size. Go to a good hardware store like Ace Or true Value. That is the place where I find my hard to fit stuff. Never from the giants.
  3. You may want to try the Ford dealer. They can't be that expensive for a couple of bolts. Just be sure to use some loctite and torque them down to 90 ft lbs. when you install them.
  4. I'd go try a junkyard. They have a special head on them -- not just a hex head (12pt 12mm). You probably won't find it anyplace except a dealer or a junkyard, and the junkyard is my favorite place to find special parts.
  5. i agree with the dealer or J/Y route - those little bolts take a beating. you dont want pot metal bolts in there. i might even try some ARP's etc, if the dealer is pricey (probably similar $$).

    good luck.
  6. 89mustanggx was right on I put mine back in yesterday and it is "12mm 12point".
  7. yep, i think TU figured that out since he pulled one of his to go get a new one. he needs to know the shank size (which i for one, dont know).

    so you are right, but i did not want people to beat the thread to death with a million posts about the size of the bolt's head :)
  8. Thanks for the responses :nice:

    Thanks especially HISSIN lol, yeah I figured out it's a 12 pt bolt...not really concerned about that as much as the proper shank size.

    Bolts can be expensive from the dealer by the way...they wanted $8 for a water pump thanks. I guess I could call junk yards, but they never ever have anything I need and something tells me there's an even less chance of them having a driveshaft bolt :shrug:

    I guess i'll figure something out....
  9. yeah, it kinda sucks. you probably would need to go roam around the yards - i doubt they know what cars have bolts still around and which dont.

    since you only need one, you could probably find a decent hardware store and get something that is strong (check the grade on it).

    good luck.