Driveshaft bolts wont budge!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by cardudeusa, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. I'm getting ready to pull the motor out of my 87GT. I know the driveshaft bolts are 12MM 12 point. I had my impact gun on the bolts and they wouldnt budge. Its not like its a small impact either its an Ingersol Rand 2131A. I was using a swivel and extension with a 3/8 Dr socket. Do you think thats why they wont budge? I also soaked them with PB blaster. Does anyone have any tips on getting these bolts out with out stripping the heads? Any help much appreciated!
  2. Your best bet will be a socket, ratchet, and good length of cheater pipe. With just a cheater pipe you can put more torque on those bolts than an impact could ever hope to. It would probably help to have a helper hold the head of the ratchet to keep the socket squarely on the bolt heads so you don't strip any. Order new ds bolts when you go to put it back in; they are really cheap at a dealership and have a bead of threadlock already applied.
  3. Mine came loose at the track. Not sure which one of us was better off.
  4. I use the closed end of a 12mm wrench and then double the length with another wrench by looping the closed end of the second wrench over the open end of the 12mm- you know what I'm talking about. Once you have that set up on apply pressure in bursts not all at once. You could always smack the end of the wrenchs with a hammer if you have to. Sockets rarely work for me. I think sockets don't work to well because you never can get them directly on without a swivel and whatever you use to remove the bolt (impact etc) loses torque through the swivel....I dunno. The wrench thing always works for me.
  5. I put the car in gear, then use some heat with a propane torch then use the closed end of a wrench and a rubber hammer to break them loose or if you can get the car high enough a breaker bar. Get up take it ut of gear or have someone do it rotate it so you can get the other bolt, put it back in gear and repeat...

    I always put some blue loctite on them when I reassemble.
  6. Thanks for all the advice!!! I just gotta buy a torch and a rubber mallet and go to town now.
  7. Like he said, I just double up 2 wrenches and go to town. If they are being really bad, I use the mallet on the end of the wrenches. Seems to work all the time for me and without torch.
  8. Heat is your friend. The bolts have thread lock on them, and it needs to be heated to loosen them.
  9. Doubling the wrenchs is how I do it
  10. My fav. way is to use a jack and the closed end of a wrench. just jack the wrench up...
  11. i double wrench it, and i use my foot.....

    never failed me yet....the wrenches kinda bend a bit, but it always works... :nice:
  12. I use the good ole 12 point socket with a breaker bar and a cheater bar. it's always worked for me. I'd be careful with a torch if you haven't torched alot of bolts before. u joints and needle bearings among other things don't like the heat. just a precaution.
  13. Ok, thanks for the heads up. With all this advice I should be able to get them suckers out! :)
  14. Ratcheting 12mm wrench and a propane torch. They come really easy for me. Liek someone else above said, they have red loctite on them. So the way to come out, teh easy way at least, is to heat them up.
  15. HEAT is the only way to go. Besides a number 11 boot (your foot) on a 12mm boxed end wrench.
  16. I agree, only way to avoid snapping them off.
  17. I put a impact wrench on my driveshaft bolts and the socket snapped in two :eek:

    After that I went and got the torch :flame: and just double wrenched it and all was good.

    Just a little tip to get to the bolts easier.....rotate your tires to get to the specific bolt your working on and then put it in gear and set the ebrake :nice:

    Good luck,
  18. They should have Loctite thread locker on the threads of the bolt to prevent the bolts from loosening. A little heat from a propane torch should help them break loose plus a little muscle.
  19. Thanks for all the replies! The torch and doubled up wrench worked like a charm. Now all I have to do is get everything unhooked and the motor and trans are coming out together. Anyone know if I need to pull the a/c condenser out to get the motor out?
  20. Did you try spraying some WD-40 on the bolts?