Driveshaft Bolts

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  1. What size and thread type are the driveshaft bolts that bolt to the axle? What would a good replacement bolt size be? I need thread size and everything about the bolt,
  2. you mean the driveshaft to the pinion bolts? they are metric not sure exact size.
  3. 12 pt. 12 mm. are the head size not sure of the thread.
  4. Get real replacement bolts, not some hardware store cheapies.

    Here: LINKY

    And they even come with the right amount of Locktite on them already.
  5. Good tip from Chris. The dealer even offers them for a not-completely retarded price. With something like those bolts, you don't wanna play games.

    Good luck.
  6. I need these by tuesday, so if anyone knows the thread size length, that would be awsome i will get some good hardened bolts, i just have to have these because i cant get my car going w/o them... thanks for the link i will look into that in the future.
  7. Most dealers get your parts the next day. Something like that would be a normal stocked item.
  8. I think I only paid 6 or 7 bucks for those Bolts from the Local Ford Dealer and they already have yellow thread locker on them, BTW the Torque on those Bolts is 71-95 Ft. Lbs.
  9. I have some sitting in my garage. I don't think I could get them to you by tommorow though. :(
  10. Hmm….I always thought the torque was 3 big whacks with a 5-pound mini sledge on the 12-point box end wrench. :shrug:
  11. I have always used the "Torque By Right Foot" method myself.

    BTW: I use the same method for getting them off too. :D
  12. I always like to follow the Service Manual and use a Torque Wrench for something that is a Major Safety Item like the Drive Shaft, that isnt a place to be guessing on torque.
  13. haha ^^^ I always just put another wrench on the end of the 12mm and kept going till it wouldnt go anymore basically, with some loctite of course
  14. I would have too…but with a 12 point socket and the 1/2" drive torque wrench….there was no possible way to get a straight fit onto the bolt.
  15. i just use a 1/2" impact gun with a 12 point 12 mm swivel impact socket and ram them home. i use german torque specs on stuff like that.....goodentight
  16. the local ford dealer had them for 2.02 each so now it is time to fire the car up maybe tonight depends on what time i get out of class, i will try and get a video or sound clip....

  17. Try a Swivel Socket and it will work.
  18. Or if you support the vehicle weird like I do, the DS angle is such that a 3/8" ratchet, short wobble extension and short socket have room.
  19. It's always been my understanding that no swivel attachment should be used on a torque wrench…as they effectively alter the readings. I would think that any type of deflection or movement could have a detrimental effect on the reading of the torque wrench.
  20. If you support the car on the rear axle, the driveshaft will move into a position where you can get a regular socket on it with a 1/2" torque wrench. You just have to rotate it after you hit each bolt. Just be careful with the jack stands on the axle.