Driveshaft... Cant Find Any

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  1. hello, look like I need to get a new shaft , or even used good ones, I went to the local parts dealer, .. wait for it ..... 2000$ !!!!!! WTHHHHHHHH
    yes, 2000$ for the shaft locally so ofc, I am going to mother internet to look for them online , but look like I can't find any one for my car " automatic tranny " all that I can find is manual,

    can any one please help me , I need these info

    part number, and how much is the wight of the shaft, I know that aluminum shaft are lighter than the oem ones, but anyone here knows the exact, or even aprox wight of both the factory and aluminum shaft.

    also I am looking for the engine and tranny mounts, I think the engine mounts are for both manual and auto, but for tranny I am almost sure it's not the same, so here also help needed

  2. I believe you can buy the Manual shaft and just swap the yoke over if you had to.
  3. There are a few places that sell custom aluminum driveshafts. Denny's Driveshafts, Dynotech Engineering....thats just a couple. Prices aren't that bad....a lot less than $2k.
  4. What's wrong with your current shaft?

    Is the shaft dented or bent or something? U-joints can be rebuilt...
  5. I just called my mechanic to get the exact info,
    he said my shaft have dents and start to bent as well. said the joints are ok , but better replace everything at once,

    so what do re command ?
  6. Hmm, what did you do to bend and and dent your DS. Mine was pristine when it came off after 95k miles. Sure it had a little rust, but other than that, not a mark.

    I currently have a Dynotech DS with the D&D T-56 Magnum. I really like it. A friend has a composite one from Dynotech and loves it. I know a few people who have the Denny's ones, and say it is great. Easily less than $500. Now....there is always the really quick easy and cheap way to do it. Call a junk yard around you, and pick up one for $50.
  7. what year and combo? There many ford vehicles with aluminum driveshaftsthat will fit
  8. 2003 mustang gt automatic
  9. well, I am not quite sure how, maybe a big rock hit my car from down , yet I can't remember that happening to me

    as for junk yards I am still looking , my model is hard to find in my area, I personally know over 12 mustang got totaled because of reckless drivers last year .
  10. If you are looking at used driveshafts, check out You can sort by location, price, ect and find what you are looking for. Not cheap as a yard where you pull the shaft yourself, but you don't have to do the labor and around here, a premium car like a GT wouldn't end up in the yard.

    As mentioned earlier, the ford racing driveshaft is a good option as well. A bit over 200$ as I recall.