Driveshaft Rubbing on E Brake

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  1. I just bought this car (94 stang GT) and it had been lowered about 2 inches and I Noticed my driveshaft has been rubbing on the E brake Bracket!
    Should I replace my driveshaft? IS this Dangerous? How could I fix this?
    I was thinking about getting rid of the E brake and using a hydrolic lock like those found on dune buggies. Anyone else have this same problem? Any Suggestions?
  2. I had the same problem. The e brake bracket is tearing away from the sheet metal. I just had a friend weld it ack up for me. But if I remember right I think there was a recall for this problem. I could be wrong though. Good Luck :flag:
  3. I checked and the e brake bracket is fine its mounted very well to the undercarriage! IS what is bad is that the metal bracket part that comes down is scraping on the driveshaft. There is a race on the 22nd of this month in which I want to run my car at, but im scared its gonna snap!
    Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Everytime I would excellerate(sp?) or hit a bump mine would scrape on the driveline. Before I had my friend weld it, I would get a pry bar or a descent size punch and hit on the bracket. It would fix it until I would forget about it and use the e brake again. Try using a floor jack and something long and gently push on the bracket to see if it will move. Other than that I don't know what to tell you. Sorry and good luck. Let me know what happens. :flag:
  5. what dose it sound like....i have my car lowered 1.5in -2 in and i have a FMS Alm. drive shaft...and i am more the positive it isn't rubing but i guess it could be.
  6. you would deffinately know if it was scraping. It's kinda hard to describe except that it is loud. :flag:
  7. Mine did the same thing.... Check your rearend bushings mine where totally distroyed. This allowed my rearend to rotate up when I accelerated or hit a bump. I put new upper and lower control arms and the problem went away. Not to mention the car rides way better wiht the new componants.

  8. What he said-and my rear end bushings were shot. Took care of these problems and now it's all good.
  9. Ill try out the bushings for the rear arms and Yesterday I actually pounded up the E brake even higher, Today it seems not as bad. Thanks alot
  10. It is very loud scraping noise, You would hear it for sure but if I were you id make sure there arnt lines around my driveshaft from scraping on something.
  11. I had the exact thing happen. If I accelerated hard it would scrape. It would also scrape on humps. It also scraped more when I had passengers in the stang. It left a mark on the drive shaft which I hope won't be a problem down the line. It got totally solved when I put on Mac control arms. They're a bit heavy though. You could also get airbags and raise the back a bit. It just needs to be raised some. hope this helps.
  12. Exactly silverbullet! Passangers make it alot worse, Im thinking of tossing the Driveshaft and getting a new one, Who knows what how much the scraping weakend it. Anyone have an old driveshaft laying around?
    Im going to raise the car with different springs so the drop is only 1.5 instead of more than 2 inches.
  13. Try removing the DS and grinding that bracket may only get an 1/8" out of it, but i may be enuf....i have the same issue....have people in the back and start banging gears...OUCH...
    I changed over to a Mac adj pinion snubber to stop the rear quicker...must work as i have no damage since....the rides a tad stiffer, but ti was doing 1.9 60s and it was hooking good after i installed it, as i was told it would help with both, hooking and hitting...

    this look familer???

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  14. Wow, I guess I went the cheesy way to solve this problem, I put some of those stupid little auto zone blocks in my rear springs. Never rubs any more, gave the car a nice rake to it and I didnt notice any stiffness in the rear. Had em on there for sometime now and still no problems.
  15. mine does the same thing there is a recal on our ebrakes but is that what its for??
  16. Funny thing was it didn't happen until I put my aluminum driveshaft in. I think it's a bit thicker than stock, that's why it use to rub.


    That's Identical to how my driveshaft looks after the rubbing.
  17. I will have to call ford on the recall and see if they will fix it. And Im buying an adjustable pinion snubber new bushings for my rear arms and im going to carve off that excess metal and see how it does.
  18. The adj. snubber helps alot. When I first put my aluminum ds on I noticed it would rub most of the time if I got on it. I'm sure I could use new rear bushings but it solved the problem and gave me a little better traction. Like Rio said it will ride a little rougher on the bad bumps but in normal driving I can't tell it's there. Only about $50 bucks too.
  19. I called Ford and my car already had the E brake thing done to it. But I ordered aN aluminum Driveshaft, Im making my own adjustable pinion snubber with my handy welder, and grinder and ordered new springs that arnt sooo low and new bushings are on the way was well. Hopefully that will fix it. Thanks for all your help