Drivetrain clunk/clack

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  1. I have a 2013 Mustang GT, 6 speed manual with 700 miles on it. Ive noticed a clack/clunk when shifting 1-2, 2-3, and sometimes 3-4 or when under heavy load. The only way to avoid it is to let off the clutch very slowly with a lot of slip...and even then it still makes a slightly noticeable clack. Not sure if its coming from the clutch or backlash in the rear end. Is this normal build quality or should I take it to the dealer for a warranty claim? Thanks guys.
  2. I'd take the car to the dealer for warranty. They will know for sure if there is a common problem, most likey via a TSB, and they can hopefully verify the issue.

    Does the issue seem to occur all the time, or just during certain situaitons like cold temps.?
  3. It happens when cold and hot
  4. Probably the most fun and noisiest operating sports car I have driven in reference to brake and clutch/manual gear noise.
  5. Okay, so this is normal?
  6. The driveshaft makes the most racket under there but, the clutch can make noise on engagement, too. I'd take it in and have the issue documented. Ask the dealer for an NVH form and fill it in with the best information you have. Then take the SA out for a ride and show him/her the sound you are concerned about.
  7. yeah I'll take it in this week. I've been a technician before (Chevrolet) I know the ins and outs of the dealer world. Anyone know a good website for Ford TSB's? I tried searching but only found some bogus crummy tsb websites.
  8. Have you registered at The TSBs that apply to your car should show up there.
  9. No, I'll check it out. Thanks bro!